Old Master Minute

Restored Baroque Paintings from the Bigongiari Collection

By Sotheby's
Picture: pistoiamusei.it

The Pistoia Musei in Pistoia, located next to Florence, Italy, have this summer opened a new exhibition featuring recently restored works from the Bigongiari Collection. The exhibition is formed around a group of ten artworks collected by the poet and scholar Piero Bigongiari (1914-1997) which were eventually acquired by the museum in 2004. Works on display include Baroque paintings by artists such as Giovanni Bilivert, Orazio Fidani, Felica Ficherelli (pictured) and Francesco Furini (and workshop).

The exhibition will run until 2nd October 2022.

Here are a selection of works handled by the Sotheby's Old Master Paintings deparment, including paintings by Giovanni Bilivert and Francesco Furini.

Old Master Minute