Old Master Minute

Musée du Grand Siècle set to exhibit Francois Perrier’s recently discovered The Sacrifice of Isaac

By Sotheby's

Francois Perrier’s The Sacrifice of Isaac will be exhibited at the Petit château de Sceaux ahead of the opening of the Musée du Grand Siècle at the end of 2026. Executed when the artist was at the height of his powers, this work is a characteristic example of Perrier’s grand style and complements perfectly the Museum’s collection, aiming to give a complete overview of French 17th century art.

The temporary display will include highlights from the collection of Pierre Rosenberg, which has been donated to the Museum, and the Museum’s own acquisitions.

The work was purchased at Sotheby’s London in July 2022. For further discussion of this work and the artist’s career, click on the following link.

Old Master Minute