Old Master Minute

Signatures: Rembrandt and his Contemporaries

By Sotheby's
Picture: The Leiden Collection

The Leiden Collection have published a fascinating and detailed essay on the important question of signatures used by Rembrandt and his contemporaries. The piece, penned by Michiel Franken and Jaap van der Veen, addresses interesting questions as to how signatures might be viewed in the chronology and authentication of Rembrandt's works. Bringing together a variety of different historical sources, alongside a visual and technical examination of signatures in the Leiden Collection, the essay is freely available on their website.

July 2020 saw the Sotheby's London groundbreaking cross-category Rembrandt to Richter Evening Sale. As the name suggests, the highlight of the auction was a signed and dated Self Portrait of the Artist, which achieved £14,549,400 including fees.

Old Master Minute