Old Master Minute

Vermeer's Secrets at the NGA

By Sotheby's
Picture: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC have announced more details regarding their upcoming Old Master Paintings exhibition opening this autumn. Vermeer's Secrets will focus on the technical analysis of four paintings in the gallery's collection. Although all four had entered the collection as works by the master, only Girl with a Red Hat (pictured) and Girl with a Flute have retained their attribution in full. Curiously, analysis has revealed that the Red Hat picture (pictured), a painting which was completed on an oak panel, had started off as a bust-length portrait of a man with a wide-brimmed hat.

The show will run between 8 October 2022 - 8 January 2023.

One of the last remaining Vermeers in private hands was sold by Sotheby's London in July 2004. Click here to read the full catalogue note which contained a detail technical account of the painting.

Old Master Minute