Old Master Minute

'Turner: The Sun is God' at the NGI

By Sotheby's
Picture: nationalgallery.ie

The National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin is set to open their latest exhibition next month. Turner: The Sun is God will feature almost ninety works by the artist exploring the approach to light in his paintings and watercolours. This exhibition, which has been organised in cooperation with Tate, will be the first time that many of these artworks have been shown in Ireland.

One of the upcoming highlights of the Part 2: Evening Sale of the The Personal Collection of the late Sir Joseph Hotung will be JMW Turner's watercolour of The Grand Canal, with Santa Maria della Salute, Venice. Dated to c.1818, the work is based on a pencil drawing executed by the architect James Hakewill (1778-1843), who had travelled to Italy in 1816-7. Turner's Italian view's, in which light always played such an integral role, remain some of the most highly prized artworks amongst collectors.

Old Master Minute