Sotheby’s Collectors Group

Sotheby’s Collectors Group

S otheby’s Collectors Group (SCG) is committed to providing the most comprehensive client experience across Sotheby’s extensive platform of auctions, private sales and events around the globe. Working closely with first-time buyers and established private collectors alike, this team partners with Sotheby’s extensive team of global specialists to advise clients on every transaction, both at auction and privately, cross-selling collecting categories across global sale sites and all Sotheby’s offerings.

  • Comprehensive Collection Development & Management
  • New Market Navigation
  • Valuations & Strategic Collection Review
  • 360 Client Journey Support

  • Seattle Art Fair 2016
  • Man showing Porter art
  • Monterey RM Show
  • Modern Collectibles | Air Jordans
  • Colleague showing a bracelet to a client


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