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Sotheby’s Fiduciary Client Group is the dedicated contact for all fiduciaries who work with art, or have clients who collect art—at all stages of their lives. We work with lawyers, bankers, family offices, and fiduciaries who are involved with art and collectibles and assist them in planning for the life cycle of their clients’ art collections by providing valuations for collection management, charitable giving and estate planning purposes, crafting and spearheading proactive sale and disposition strategies, and preparing for significant collections that may be coming to market in the future. Click here to read more about how our services can benefit you.

The majority of the FCG team are attorneys, so we understand the issues fiduciaries face. We are best positioned within Sotheby’s to creatively and pragmatically work with fiduciaries to maximize the value of the art and collectibles they are working with, taking into consideration the unique needs of fiduciaries before and after a collection is sold.

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Americas: +1 212 894 1339
UK & Europe: +44 20 7293 6196

Fiduciary Client Group Services

Fiduciary Client Group Services

Our mission is to understand your client’s needs and to give you the tools to meet them.


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