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Sotheby’s Fiduciary Client Group (FCG), formerly known as the Trusts and Estates department, is the dedicated contact for all fiduciaries who have clients that collect art and other luxury goods. We collaborate with lawyers, bankers, family offices, and other fiduciaries, including executors and trustees, who assist in planning for the life cycle of their clients’ art and luxury collections. Sotheby's FCG is the only team of lawyers at any international auction house dedicated to servicing the trusts, estates, and wider professional fiduciary community. Because we understand the legal issues facing fiduciaries, we are best positioned to help your clients achieve their goals -- whether to maximize value or to celebrate their legacy – both during life and for estates. We are also the only team organized on a worldwide basis to assist fiduciaries whose clients may have property located in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.

FCG can help to provide appraisals, craft sale and disposition strategies, and leverage the myriad of services offered by the global Sotheby’s team to assist your clients in their collection-related needs. For a full list of Sotheby’s services please click here.

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