Jamais Perdu en mer – Collection Jean-Paul Morin
Live Auction: 14 October 2020 • 2:30 PM CEST • Paris

Jamais perdu en mer, Collection Jean-Paul Morin 14 October 2020 • 2:30 PM CEST • Paris

Jean-Paul Morin, an avid reader, knowledgeable bibliophile and astute collector, has, over the course of several decades, compiled an important collection of books, manuscripts, drawings, engravings and Northern American and Oceanic artefacts. This sale is a veritable circumnavigation of the world, crossing North and South America, the Arctic, Antarctica, and Oceania, following in the wake of navigators, explorers, privateers, missionaries, scientists, artists, and anthropologists who crossed the seas from the Renaissance to modern times to discover distant lands.

Mapping the Adventures of the First Explorers

Art from Oceania, the Americas and the Poles

Books and Manuscripts

Adventurer and Collector: An Interview with Jean-Paul MorinFormer financial director of Publicis and right-hand man to Maurice Lévy, Jean-Paul Morin travelled across the globe, building up a fabulous collection on the theme of travel. Today, this seasoned adventurer is selling a selection of some three hundred of his treasures, collected over the past forty years.

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A Global Collection
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Yupi'k mask, Yukon Delta, Alaska
Masked ceremonies occupied a prominent place in the daily life and culture of the Eskimo people. They were specifically organized before the departure of the men on fishing or hunting expeditions in order to reconcile the spirits of the animal world. In this face lies something poetic and deeply mysterious. It seems to be a surrealist manifesto in itself.

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George Catlin. North American Indians portfolio. London, 1844. First edition of this essential testimony of Native American culture
Catlin explains how meeting the tribal chiefs led him to his decision to record their way of life. Having understood that the culture and perhaps the very existence of the Native Americans were doomed to disappear, he began working in earnest to record everything that he witnessed.

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Janus staff, ua, Easter Island
As emblems of prestige and authority, the ua staffs were reserved for the Rapa Nui aristocracy and kept safe in a reed case. This one stands out by the size of the two-sided head, the large eyes and the detail of the median lines delineating the ears, placing it among the oldest specimens ever collected (others including an example from Cook and an example in the Oslo museum, collected in 1869).

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Antoine de La Sale, La Salade nouvellement Imprimée a Paris, Laquelle fait mention de tous les pays du monde ... Paris, 1527
These collected writings bring together stories, diverse fragments and a geographical description of the world, divided into three parts: Asia, Africa and Europe. To the north, Greenland is described as an island where one finds a "grant quantité de ours qui sont tous blans " “(a large number of bears which are all white”).

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