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Louis Vuitton’s New (But Instant Classic) Handbags: OnTheGo, Multi Pochette, Coussin

By Erica Kagan
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Louis Vuitton Coussin
Louis Vuitton Coussin

Louis Vuitton is a pillar of innovation in the world of luxury fashion, and radical handbags are at the heart of the brand. With the OnTheGo, Multi Pochette and Coussin – all launched in the last two years – LV has proven mastery of the reimagined classic. Keep reading for more about these sought-after silhouettes, all available for immediate purchase.

Louis Vuitton OnTheGo PM Giant Monogram Empreinte Dove and Cream Gold Hardware, 2021

OnTheGo: The Tote... Reimagined

Practical fashion is all the rage, and the Louis Vuitton OnTheGo tote bag is a shining example of why. The perfect transitional piece from workday to weekend, the OnTheGo is uniquely structured, spacious, and versatile. Unlike the long legacies of the Neverfull and Speedy bags, the OnTheGo was first introduced for the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and debuted in the Monogram Giant pattern. That said, the modern OnTheGo draws much inspiration from the Louis Vuitton Sac Plat: an iconic archive style from 1968. An immediate hit, the variations of this tote quickly multiplied. Material options began to include everything from Monogram Reverse and Monogram Denim to LV Escale and Econyl Nylon. With this expanded line of OnTheGo materials came three size options: the recently launched PM (small-sized tote), MM (medium-sized tote) and GM (large-sized tote). While the GM is ideal for the days when you have to carry literally everything, the MM (which was introduced in 2020) is far more practical for everyday wear… and it still fits a 13” laptop. Equipped with two long leather straps and a double handle, it comes as no surprise that Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo quickly rivaled the Neverfull tote for ultimate practicality and desirability.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires Khaki and Monogram Gold Hardware, 2019

Multi Pochette: The Best of Three

In similar fashion to the OnTheGo, the Multi Pochette Accessories Bag is a reimagined take on a Louis Vuitton classic. That classic being the longstanding Pochette Accessories bag from the early 1990s. The functional yet chic Multi Pochette first hit the market in 2019, and was solidified as a fashion staple within a matter of months. The Multi Pochette Accessories Bag is the sum of three separate parts: the Zip Coin Purse, Pochette Accessories, and Mini Pochette Accessories. While each of these elements are available for individual purchase, the Multi Pochette Bag combines them all via a detachable shoulder strap. As tends to happen with such popular bags, material and size options are expanded beyond the initial choices, and the Multi Pochette is no exception. First released in monogram canvas with Jacquard straps available in both khaki and rose chiaro, by early 2020 a ‘new wave’ model offered leather in place of the coated canvas. This hybrid cross-body bag is a versatile must-have for any Louis Vuitton lover.

Louis Vuitton Coussin BB Black Monogram Puffy Lambskin Gold Hardware, 2021

Coussin: The Most Coveted Cushion

Highly considered the “breakout star” of the Spring-Summer 2021 runway season, the Coussin bag sent shockwaves as Louis Vuitton’s newest silhouette. Seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and Jennifer Aniston, this bag has successfully infiltrated consumer and celebrity culture in only a matter of months. First introduced in February 2021, the Coussin quickly rose to the top of wish-lists for its gender-neutral, mass-market appeal. Despite its visual simplicity, the Coussin is actually stitched by seven different leatherworkers from eighteen separate pieces of leather. When translated from its French name, the bag is accurately labeled as the ‘cushion’, and it is this labor-intensive process that makes the uniquely plump shape possible. Additionally, it is the standout features that set this bag apart: embossed LV puffy leather, a removable chain link, and trendy trio pouch design, to name just a few. Louis Vuitton is constantly innovating, and the Edge Chain is a brand new feature for the fashion house. From the pillow-like exterior to the microfiber lining, this bag is bonafide luxury from outside in. Available in both PM and MM sizes, the Coussin is tastefully spacious but not overwhelmingly large. It comes as no surprise that a bag this popular is almost entirely sold out on the primary market. But, look no farther than Sotheby’s, as we have multiple variations of the covetable Coussin available now.

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