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Learn More about Our Favorite Goyard Crossbody Bags: Cap-Vert and Belvedere

By Annabelle Pollack
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Goyard Belverdere Bag

Goyard Crossbody Bags

While Goyard totes like the Saint Louis or the Anjou may be the more practical carry all, Goyard makes a number of crossbody bags that are popular with all buyers. Goyard crossbody bags are appealing to both men and women based on their style, size and functionality. Goyard's Goyardine colors are also either neutral or strong primary colors which also makes them less gender specific. While most luxury brands make clear collections for men and women, many of Goyard bag styles are timeless and functional and appeal to both men and women.

Goyard Cap-Vert

Goyard Cap-Vert Crossbody

Insightful Inspiration

Modeled after Goyards iconic Courier Trunks, craftsmanship is highlighted in these mini bags. The attention to detail on this bag is visible in its creased leather panels around the edges. This detail is meant to allude to the classic trunk edges. Additionally, the zipper accentuates the rectangular shape of a trunk. This bag is offered in one size called the PM (13 cm x 6.5 cm x 22 cm) and comes in all colors by Goyard: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White, Grey, Black/Black and Black/Tan.

More than A Crossbody

The Goyard Cap-vert PM Bag is a stylish addition to the mini bag offerings from the Maison. Its practical function is for securely keeping small personal items close to the body. However, it is quite adaptive for any and all activities. Thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap and wrap-around zipper function - this bag can be taken anywhere day to night.

Goyard Belvedere

The Goyard Belvedere Crossbody

Goyards Belvedere PM Bag has a rounded shape and carries a bit more than the Cap Vert. The PM size is 22 cm x 7 cm x 16 cm. Additionally, this style is offered in a larger messenger version called the Belvedere MM which measures 29 cm x 9 cm x 23 cm. The Belvedere strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

Extra Pockets For Easy Organization 

One unique addition to this Goyard crossbody bag is how it includes interior and exterior pockets. These add additional organizational and practical features to the elegant bag. It should also be noted how this Goyard crossbody has a flap closure, strengthened with a leather strap with a Palladium metal tab. The flap adds sleekness to the design and an extra layer of protection for your belongings inside.

Family Origin 

The Goyard family first specialized in the trade of log driving before they entered the world of luxury. This bag is a reinvention of the vessel log workers would carry while working in the Morvan Forest. Traditionally the workers would use a bag similar to this to carry their packed lunch to and from the forest. Today, this stylish messenger can keep your essentials organized with easy access!

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