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Hermès Roulis: Quiet Luxury Alternative to the Hermès Constance

By Lindsey Weiss
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Roulis Hermès

Hermès Roulis History: Symbol of Progress and Innovation

The Hermès Roulis is a modern shoulder bag with a luxurious yet discreet design that reflects progress and innovation. The clasp itself is a reference to Hermès’ classic Chaîne d’Ancre link design. Originally released as a bracelet in 1938, the Chaîne d’Ancre style was inspired by the chains of ship anchors. The ship served as a symbol of progress and innovation for the Hermès designer, and later CEO, Robert Dumas. The Hermès Roulis handbag proudly bears this heritage. Launched as part of the Hermès 2011 Spring / Summer Collection, this bag can be found in a variety of material and hardware options. The sleek metal clasp secures the front flap and opens to a spacious interior divided into three compartments. The Hermès Roulis is available in a mini 18 cm size and a larger 23 cm size.

Hermès Roulis

Hermès Roulis vs Hermès Constance

While the Hermès Constance is widely more recognizable with its prominent metal H clasp, the Hermès Roulis is the perfect choice for collectors seeking a more "quiet luxury" option. The design and functionality of the Roulis is very similar to the Constance since both are square shoulder bags with front flaps and metal hardware closure. The Roulis Hermès hardware is also less likely to show scratches on the hardware given the sleek design. The price of the Roulis Hermès is also about half the price of the Constance in the secondary market. A store fresh leather Hermès Mini Roulis sells for between $7,000-10,000 while the Mini Constance 18 sells for $17,000-$20,000 in the secondary market.

Hermès Roulis

Exotic Hermès Roulis

The Hermès Roulis is available in leather, ostrich, alligator and lizard. The Roulis is also available as a Touch, with an alligator flap and leather body. Prices for a store fresh alligator Hermès Roulis are similar to a leather Cosntance bag at auction and Sotheby's Buy Now Marketplace. Given this price difference, it's an opportunity to purchase an Hermès alligator bag for the same price as many of the leather bags.

Hermès Roulis

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