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Ultimate Guide to Goyard Tote Bag Styles: Saint Louis and more

By Lucy Bishop
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Goyard Bag History

Goyard was founded in 1853 in Paris, making it the oldest leather goods maker still in business. Louis Vuitton was founded just one year later. The company remains privately owned and has the fewest number of retail boutiques compared to other top luxury bag brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. While the iconic Goyardine canvas was created in 1892 by Edmond Goyard it wasn't named Goyardine until 1982. The interlocking Ys and dots are a symbol of the family history as log-drivers and the Y in Goyard.

In 1998, Jean-Michel Signoles purchased Goyard from the family expanded its workshops in France opened new retail locations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Signoles also introduced new colors including red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white and gray. Goyard hand-painted its signature Goyardine until the early 2000s when it migrated to mechanical screen printing. Personalizations are still hand-painted by a Goyard artisan.

Goyard has four product categories, travel goods, bags and accessories for men and women, pet accessories and special orders. Goyard will allow customers to special order almost anything. Goyard is popular with celebrities, royals, heads of state and designers. Both Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld owned Goyard. Karl also had bespoke items made for his cat, Choupette.

Goyardine is made from a combination of hemp, linen and cotton and the coated with a proprietary water proofing process to increase durability. The Goyardine material is resistant to stains and water damage and is one of the reasons Goyard bags and totes are so popular.

Where to Buy Goyard bags

Goyard only sells items in retail locations and does not sell any products online. The only way to purchase a Goyard bag online is from a marketplace like Sotheby's. Goyard bags are very popular so most items sell shortly after being listed. Make sure to check regularly if you are seeking a specific bag. Sotheby's also sells Goyard bags at auction, but a better selection of Goyard is available online for immediate purchase

Goyard Tote

Most Popular Goyard Tote: Goyard Saint Louis Tote

The Saint Louis Goyard tote is the most popular bag sold by Goyard. The Goyard Saint Louis is so popular it drives more than half of Goyard's revenue. After the Goyard Saint Louis, the Saigon is the next post popular Goyard bag. The next most popular Goyard bags are the Goyard Tote Anjou, Goyard Tote Artois and the Goyard crossbody Belvedere.

Goyard Tote

Goyard Tote: Saint Louis

The Goyard Saint Louis tote was created in the 1930s and remains the most popular Goyard bag. The Goyard Saint Louis comes in three sizes, PM, GM and XXL and has a detachable pouch. The junior size has been discontinued. The Saint Louis PM and Saint Louis GM are the most popular sizes.

Limited Edition Goyard Tote: Saint Louis Claire-Voie

Goyard recently came out with the Special Edition Goyard Saint Louis Claire-Voie. The Saint Louis Claire-Voie is named after a term used in architecture and decorative arts. The Goyardine is highlighted with colorful outer triangles created but the intertwining of the chevrons. The limited edition Goyard tote is available in PM and GM sizes and five different colors, green, red, orange, blue and pink.

Goyard Tote

Goyard Tote: Anjou

Goyard Anjou tote is similar to the Goyard Saint Louis with the traditional Goyardine material but is lined in leather and is reversible. It also comes with a detachable pouch. The Goyard Anjou comes in four sizes, the Mini, PM, MM and GM.

Goyard Tote

Goyard Tote: Artois

Another Goyard tote is the Artois with the main different from the Goyard Saint Louis is the more structured shape with four leather bottom corners and zip closure. it does not have a pouch but does have an internal pocket. The Goyard Artois comes in two sizes, the PM and MM.

Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag with Balise Beach Towel

Limited Edition Goyard Totes

Goyard has been releasing limited edition Saint Louis totes in recent years. In 2024, Goyard released a turquoise Goyard Saint Louis GM with a matching beach towel. The "Balise" pattern on the towel reflects floating buoys. The 2024 limited edition pays tribute to the wonders and vastness of the ocean. The turquoise blue Goyardine canvas celebrates the color of the south seas. As part of this 2024 limited edition collection, Goyard also released a turquoise Goyard Anjour PM with Seashorses embroided on both the canvas and leather sides. These limited edition Goyard totes are perfect for summer.

Goyard Anjou PM Seahorse

Goyard Tote Bag Prices

Similar to other luxury brands, Goyard raises prices annually. Goyard recently adjusted pricing so the standard colors and special colors are no long different prices. Due to this shift in pricing, a black Goyard St Louis PM price increased 26% in 2022 vs 2021. The special colors only increased 10% in 2021. The Goyard tote retails for about $1,600 for the Saint Louis PM, about $1,900 for the Saint Louis GM, about $2,300 for the Saint Louis XXL. The Goyard totes, Anjour and Artois retail for more for similar sizes due to the amount of leather used in these bags versus the Goyard Saint Louis. Limited edition totes sell for even higher prices.

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