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The Goyard Anjou Tote is the More Structured Alternative to Goyard Saint Louis

By Annabelle Pollack
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Goyard Anjou Tote

The Goyard Anjou Origins

Since Goyard’s inception in 1853, they have paid homage to their French roots. Goyard bags are all named after a key historical figure. The Anjou, for example, is named after the brother of Louis IX, the Duke of Anjou. It is often referenced as the “little brother bag” to the classic Saint Louis. The Goyard Anjou bag is a city-style tote bag made for everyday use. At first glance, the bag appears similar to Goyard’s signature Saint Louis tote from the shape and style, however, this model is unique as it is lined in Chevroches Calfskin leather on one side. On the other side, it is printed with classic Goyardine. The Sotheby's team calls this a “two-in-one bag” as the leather side gives the tote reversibility!

Limited Edition Goyard Anjou Seahorse

Anjou Variations

The Anjou comes in three sizes: Mini (20 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm), PM (28 cm x 15 cm x 47 cm), and GM (34 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm). The color offerings for the Anjou feature Goyard’s two classic colors: Black/Black and Black/Brown along with the nine other special colors. The special colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White, and Grey. Goyard has also come up with limited edition Goyard Anjou totes. For 2024, Goyard created a Turquoise Blue Goyardine canvas celebrating the waters of the South seas. The Limited Edition 2024 Tourquoise Anjou also features embroidered seahorses on the leather and the canvas.

Goyard Anjou Mini

Newest Addition Anjou Mini  

The Mini is the most recent addition to the Anjou collection and arrived in stores in 2017. In recent years, the Mini has gained in popularity through social media known for its adorable size and vibrancy. It’s the perfect tote for carrying small personal items from day to night. The PM and GM models have a larger volume and are extra durable making them the ideal work or travel bag. The additional leather on the bag places the Anjou at the most expensive of Goyard’s tote offerings.

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