The Brooch: A Modern Retelling

By Amy Palmer
Brooches have made a comeback. The key to updating a classic style is to add a new twist. Wear the brooch in an unconventional way or be a little quirky. Find out what makes brooches so wonderfully versatile, along with other adaptable jewellery from the Jewels Online sale .

From humble beginnings as a simple garment fastening, to an ornate fashion staple in the 1920s, brooches have a long and colourful history. For decades they had fallen out of fashion favour. More recently, however, the brooch has made an impressive comeback, adorning the runways of designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani. One of the best things about these decorative pins is the ability to style them in so many different ways.

1. Aquamarine and rock crystal brooch. Estimate HK$30,000-45,000

There are plenty of ways to style this striking aquamarine brooch, all of them effortlessly elegant. Whether you wear it on your lapel for a classic look, as a clasp on a scarf or to liven up a belt, it’s a great way to add just a touch of opulence. Another way to add a modern twist is to wear the brooch in the middle of your shirt collar.

2. Gold and diamond brooch, Mellerio. Estimate HK$25,000-40,000

Not only can this gold brooch be styled in a variety of ways, it has the added quirk of being changeable. The beautifully-designed flower can be worn open or closed, so you can adjust the look depending on your mood, outfit choice or the occasion. Pin it to the waist of an understated dress or off-centre on the neckline of a jumper for a more updated look.

3. Emerald and diamond brooch, David Webb. Estimate HK$190,000-320,000

This distinctive brooch makes a statement – and it can say it in a variety of ways. Interchangeable gems offer ultimate versatility, and the eye-catching combinations can make a great accent when worn as a clasp on the plunging neckline of a top or dress. Alternatively, put your entire brooch collection to work by scattering multiple pieces over a jacket, all around the neckline or down the lapel of a coat or blazer.

4. Pair of diamond ear clips. Estimate HK$48,000-60,000

Ear clips are another incredibly adaptable piece of jewellery. Wear them worn on the ear lobes as intended or turn them into brooches in their own right. Clip them onto a collar, a lapel, or the pocket of a suit jacket. They can even be worn in the hair in order to elevate a more casual look.

5. Pair of gem set and diamond earclips, Cartier. Estimate HK$160,000-320,000

With alternating gems, these Cartier ear clips are likely to suit a wide range of wardrobe options. If you become bored wearing them on your ears, they can be styled as mini clip brooches instead. Place them on collars, cuffs, lapels, hats or even bags as a sweet touch of glamour.

6. Malachite necklace, 'Alhambra', Van Cleef & Arpels. Estimate HK$65,000-95,000

When it comes to versatility, necklaces aren’t without merit, too. A long piece like this green and gold Van Cleef & Arpels design is chic in every form. Whether you opt to wear it long in the front as a sautoir, doubled up into a double-strand short necklace or long in the back with a backless dress, it’s an elegant addition to any outfit.

7. Ruby and diamond wristwatch/bracelet, Van Cleef & Arpels. Estimate HK$70,000-85,000

The only thing better than a diamond bracelet is a diamond bracelet that is also functional. A combined bracelet-and-wristwatch piece makes for a sleek, sophisticated look. Beautiful design paired with rigid functionality will surely never go out of style.

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