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For 40 years Sotheby’s Vienna office has proved to be a valuable resource for our local clients. Our team, together with our international experts in all categories, can assist with valuations and other Sotheby’s services, such as private sales.

Our Vienna office is based in the Palais Wilczek, where a charming exhibition room allows us to host lectures and travelling exhibitions on a regular basis. Sotheby’s Vienna also runs the Artist Quarterly program, founded by managing director Andrea Jungmann, to promote young Austrian artists by providing them with a space to present their works on Sotheby’s premises. Our specialists continue to be available to you and are happy to help you find out the value of your item.

Valuation Days

Whether it’s a painting, piece of jewellery, a bottle of wine or a sculpture, we can give you a face-to-face valuation whenever and wherever you are with our virtual valuation service. Should your item fall into one of the following areas, we would like to draw your attention to our schedule of upcoming valuation days. If of interest, please do contact us on

+43 1 512 4772 or

Contemporary Art: monthly

Impressionist and Modern Art: monthly;

Jewels: monthly

Watches: monthly

19th Century European Art: 16 March

20th Century Design: 12 April

African Art: 26 April

Asian Art: 21 March

Books and Manuscripts: 18 April

Decorative Art: 7 March

Handbags and Luxury Items: 14 March

Old Master Drawings and Paintings: 20 February

Prints: 25 April

Sculpture and Works of Art: 19 April

Wine: 2 March


13 January – 31 March 2023

Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm
Photo © Philipp Schuster

David Keckeis' first solo exhibition takes us into (his) phantasmagorical world. The artist presents a selection of works created over the past year through the practice of automatic drawing. The reduction to a single colour underlines the unmistakable aesthetic of his paintings. The focus is on Keckeis' repertoire of forms, which he incessantly samples and remixes.

His small-format biros- felt-and coloured pencil drawings are each created in a continuous flow. With each sheet, the artist tells an excerpt from an unfinished story. The pages are filled to the brim, some almost entirely blackened. As our gaze wanders across the picture surface, we glimpse figures and comic-like grimaces. Architectural set pieces evaporate in the next moment or seem to continue in a different way. In his large-format airbrush works, Keckeis allows diffuse lines to grow into organic forms and technoid figures which finally grow together as one.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact


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