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New York-based interior designer Jarret Yoshida has an immense appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into a stunning table or vase. “It’s the same aesthetic heft as a two dimensional work on paper,” he says. “There’s so much skill and thought involved.” Such pieces can be found in Sotheby’s upcoming Design auction, for which Yoshida created the exhibition, opening Saturday 25 March and on view through Tuesday 28 March. “I’m excited to mix the pieces up, and show people how they can really live with them. They feel incredibly contemporary and relevant.” Click ahead for Yoshida's favourite picks from the sale.

29 March | New York
Exhibition 25–28 March

Jarret Yoshida Shops Design

  • An American "Iris, Lily and Cattail" Window. Estimate $20,000–30,000.
    “If you ever tire of your urban view, simply hang this marvel over the window. You will instantly be transported to a countryside marshland, and all of those city worries will melt away. You can rarely bring nature inside your home, but this leaded glass masterpiece is a wondrous and magnificent exception.”

  • Josef Hoffmann, Tray. Estimate $2,500–3,500.
    “Josef Hoffmann’s firm yet delicate eye and hand are on full display here. His background in architecture helped lay the foundation of modernism as we know it today, and can be seen in the form and function of this shining golden piece. I love the scalloped edge reflected in the bottom of the tray itself. It is simple, yet elegant – a rare combination.”

  • Josef Albers, "Mexican" Chair. Estimate $4,000–6,000. (Two Lots.)
    These masculine chairs are a perfect example of how Josef Albers would cross the lines of art forms. Design becomes architecture becomes sculpture. These chairs are not only art, not only comfortable and useful, but also pages from the history books of the art and architecture worlds.”

  • Carlo Bugatti, Side Table. Estimate $4,000–6,000.
    “Carlo Bugatti’s pieces were often works of art intended for everyday use: intricately designed and constructed pieces of furniture that reflect his background in architecture. Made from walnut, ebonized wood, pewter and bone, this side table is so very unique. The design, metal and woodwork are perfection. I love the narrative told by the inlay as well.”

  • Carlo Bugatti, Pair of Gates. Estimate $6,000–8,000.
    “Once again, Bugatti brings art, form, function and architecture together for a 'wow' factor. These gates are, for lack of a better term, breathtaking. Made of walnut, ebonized wood, copper, pewter and bone, the craftsmanship needed to make them is simply unbelievable.”

  • Jean-Théodore Dupas, Panel from the "Chariot Of Thetis" Mural from the Grand Lounge of the S.S. Normandie. Estimate $12,000–18,000.
    “Why? Because everyone needs a panel from the mural of the Grand Lounge of the S.S. Normandie in their living or dining room. Dupas’s use of colour and form, as well as the sheer size of his pieces, are truly wonderful. There is so much power in the horses’ legs. So much playfulness in the dolphin racing alongside Thetis’s chariot in this piece. Buy this and feel like a proud Nereus, father of Thetis, on the deck of the Normandie, sailing the Atlantic, heading out from Le Havre for all points exotic.”

  • Jacques Quinet, Banquette. Estimate $6,000–8,000.
    “This banquette is a perfect example of Quinette’s design sense. It is elegant, light and restrained. There are elements of architectural design, yet it remains light and understated. Made of oak and patinated bronze, it is a perfect example of the mix of materials Quinette would become famous for: careful choice of grain on the head and footboards, fine detailing all around and a beautiful taper on the feet ending with the patinated feet. Truly a stunning piece.”

  • Gio Ponti, Pair of Lounge Chairs, Model No. 12. Estimate $7,000–9,000.
    “These chairs are luxurious, tremendously inviting and look absolutely comfortable. They are a perfect example of why Ponti was a true Renaissance man. They belong in a chic office, a high-rise penthouse or the Museum of Modern Art – perhaps all three. They were made for drinks and talking about the day’s events or the weekend to come.”

  • A Modern American Dining Table. Estimate $5,000–7,000.
    “Relatively simple in form, yet so very complex in design and construction, this piece is truly beautiful. The triangular form of the grain and circular form of the tabletop make for a wonderfully communal dining experience. The shapes work to bring everyone together in a very natural way. The base, which easily could have been too big, is integrated naturally into the piece. I love everything about it.”

  • George Nakashima, Cabinet. Estimate $30,000–50,000.
    “There is really not much more to say about this piece, or Nakashima for that matter, than 'my God.' Nakashima was a wonder and his pieces – this one included – were marvels of art and function. Three different types of walnut, sharp angles, straight lines and naturally curving and imperfect grains and edges anre all magically integrated together to bring us this stunning piece. I am in awe at how his mind, his brain and his hand all worked in unison. I am grateful they did.”


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