Pierre Berge Home Interior

The collection of Pierre Bergé

Paris – October / December 2018

Sotheby’s and Pierre Bergé & Associés are extremely pleased to offer for sale the extraordinary contents of the various homes and a part of the library of Pierre Bergé, one of the most successful and cultured businessmen and aesthetes of our time.

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Pierre Bergé: From One Home to Another
Auction in association with Pierre Bergé & Associés
in Paris at Galerie Charpentier
29, 30 and 31 October 2018

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Paris 10-14 September
Hong Kong 28 Sept–3 October
London 12-23 October
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La bibliothèque de Pierre Bergé
Auction in Paris at Hôtel Drouot
14 December 2018

Travelling Exhibition
Paris 10-14 September
New York 15–20 October
London 9–12 November
Paris at Hôtel Drouot 12–13 December

Contact - Pierre Bergé & Associés:
Benoit Forgeot

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