Louis-Xavier Joseph

  • Senior Director | Head of Departmen Furniture & Decorative Arts


With a joint honours degree in Finance and Economics from the ESCP Business School, Louis-Xavier returned to Sotheby’s in 2012 after having spent seven years in the Furniture Department at Christie’s Paris, where he contributed to numerous sales including the collections of Yves Saint Laurent (€374m) and of Heli, duc de Talleyrand (€7m).

With a wealth of experience in the sales of private collections, Louis-Xavier was the main architect behind the sales of several notable collections, including ‘l’Œil d’un Collectionneur’ in 2014 and that of the ‘Villa d'un collectionneur sur la Riviera’ (€2.8m) in 2019. He also supervised the project management of other collections that met with considerable success, such as those of the vicomtesse de Courval (€2.3m) in 2014, the ducs de Mortemart (€2.8m) in 2015, Eleanor Post Close (€7.1m) in 2017, Pierre Bergé (€27.5m) in 2018, the comtes de Schickler-Pourtalès (€6.9m) and the comtes de Ribes (€18.5m) in 2019 and Karl Lagerfeld (€18.3m) in 2021.

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