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Rare Hermès Kelly Clutches for the Dedicated Collector

By Lindsey Weiss
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Kelly Pochette Hermès

Rare Hermès Kelly Clutches

The iconic Hermès Kelly bag has many different versions to love and collect. Kelly clutches are a favorite among Hermès lovers for their petite sizes and relative rarity. Hermès Kelly pochettes have been rising in value dramatically over the last few years as a practical alternative to the new mini Kelly 20 II, while the longer flat Hermès Kelly Cut clutches have been declining in value as tastes and trends shift. Here we’re looking at some lesser known Hermès Kelly clutches that have become highly sought-after among dedicated collectors.

Rare Hermès Kelly Clutch Bags

Hermès Kelly Crutch

With examples dating from 1989 to 2000, the Hermès Kelly Crutch Clutch, though small, has had a longer production run than any other Kelly clutch. This slim pouch is truly handle free, and sports a unique miniature hardware that hooks around a geometric ball pontet. At just 21cm across at the base, all other Kelly clutch designs stem from this original diminutive Crutch Clutch.

Hermès Kelly Crutch Clutch Rouge Vif Salvator Lizard Electrum Hardware

Hermès Kelly Elan

Produced primarily from 2000-2002 in smooth leathers like Box and Box Nepal, as well as shiny crocodile and alligator, the 28cm Hermès Kelly Elan appears to be fully handleless, though close inspection reveals that the sangles connect around back to form a strap that lays flat against the back of the bag, and is perfect to slide your hand though. Examples of this rare clutch can be found dating from later years as well.

Hermès Kelly Longue Clutch Parchemin Swift Gold Hardware

Hermès Kelly Longue

A design of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s, the Hermès Kelly Longue was produced from 2006 to 2008 in a variety of materials and colors. The trapezoidal clutch bears similarities to the Kelly Elan, though lacks the flat base and adds the flat handle still found today on Pochettes and Cuts. It is also far larger with a base measuring 34cm.

Hermès Susan Casden Bag Amethyst Matte Alligator Palladium Hardware

Honorable Mention: The Susan Casden Hermès Bag

The Susan, designed for socialite philanthropist and Hermès collector Susan Casden, is somewhat mythical among Hermès lovers. The epitome of a personal ‘Horizon’ order, the susan bag utilizes the iconic Kelly closure in an easy and practical shoulder bag with two front magnetic flap pockets and one rear slip pocket. Reportedly produced for others only with Casden’s permission, examples of this bag are almost never found on the secondary market. It is rumored Hermès will no longer make bespoke Horizon order bags with Birkin or Kelly related designs, making the Susan Casden Hermès bag even more special.

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