Everything To Know About The Iconic Harry Winston Cluster

Everything To Know About The Iconic Harry Winston Cluster

Collectors Guide to Harry Winston Cluster Jewelry
Collectors Guide to Harry Winston Cluster Jewelry

History of Harry Winston

The legacy of the exceptional jeweler Harry Winston, often referred to as the "King of Diamonds," is marked by innovation in the jewelry industry, opulence, and a commitment to outstanding craftsmanship. Harry Winston opened his first shop in New York City under his name in 1932. His innovative modern designs and eye for brilliant gemstones set him apart in the industry, catching the attention of many celebrities and socialites. In the 1940s, he introduced the iconic Winston Cluster design. This revolutionary setting shortly became the emblematic DNA of the brand. The Winston Cluster appeared in all the House creations from earrings to rings, to iconic necklaces. Today the Winston Cluster is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful and unique settings from the House of Harry Winston.

The Winston Cluster

Harry Winston Cluster Platinum and Diamond Earclips

The Winston Cluster first debuted in the 1940s. Winston got the inspiration for the Cluster on a chilly December evening when he noticed the way the leaves of the holly wreath affixed to his front door were glistening with frost. Winston was instantly captivated by the frost and had the idea to create diamond settings that mimicked the “clusters” of frost on his wreath. His design features a three-dimensional layout with a mix of different cut diamonds. The variation within this setting gives the impression of fluidity of movement and a glistening frosting effect. The Winston Cluster design is extremely versatile and is used in various types of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Prices start at $10,000 and can go as might as $7 million for a High Jewelry Winston Cluster creation. These Harry Winston Cluster Earrings sold for $571,500 at Sotheby's auction. Harry Winston offers Cluster creations in both their fine and high jewelry collections. Each Winston Cluster creation demonstrates an intricate complexity, yet maintains a sense of elegance and timeless beauty.

Winston Cluster Necklace

Harry Winston Cluster Ruby and Diamond Necklace and Pair of Earclips

The fluid design of the cluster setting is particularly effective in necklaces. This Harry Winston Cluster Necklace and Earring Set sold at auction for $327,600. The mix of Pear, Marquise, and Round Cut Diamonds creates a radiating effect. Many different styles have been produced over the years featuring additional fancy-colored diamonds. The variation between colored diamonds and white diamonds adds more dimension to necklaces and bracelets. Another hallmark of the Winston Cluster design is the minimal visibility of metal prongs and settings. This technique emphasizes the diamonds, making the diamonds appear as if they are floating. It also enhances the sparkle.

Winston Cluster Earrings

Harry Winston Pendant Diamond Emerald Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings are a staple in the Harry Winston collection. These Harry Winston Emerald Cluster Pendant Diamond Earrings sold for 13M HKD, approximately $2M. They consist of the House's signature cut, an Emerald cut, and the iconic Cluster motif, featuring a mix of diamond cuts including Pear, Marquise, and Round-cut diamonds, set in a way that adds to the collective brilliance of each earring. Many different versions of the Winston Cluster setting have been made into earrings. The Winston Cluster motif in any earring setting is timeless, eye-catching and can look stunning as a stud or as a drop-down earring.

Winston Cluster Ring

Harry Winston Aquamarine and Cluster Diamond Ring

Winston Cluster rings are celebrated for their bold yet delicate appearance. This ring is an Harry Winston Aquamarine and Cluster Diamond ring sold for 200,000 HKD at Sotheby's auction, approximately $20K. The intricate setting of diamonds creates a stunning visual impact, making them a popular choice for engagement and statement rings. The handcrafted nature of the cluster design shines in a ring setting. All clusters are hand-done by skilled artisans who meticulously place each diamond to achieve the perfect balance and symmetry. This level of craftsmanship exudes luxury and exemplifies Harry Winston's high standards for quality and beauty.

The Winston Cluster design is a testament to the brand's legacy of excellence and innovation in the world of high jewelry. Its unique combination of craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless elegance continues to captivate jewelry enthusiasts around the world.

Buying and Selling Harry Winston Jewelry

While none of these spectacular Winston Cluster diamond jewelry creations are available, Sotheby's has several ways to buy Harry Winston jewelry. We have jewelry auctions in New York, Geneva, Paris, and Hong Kong annually with a curated selection of rare Winston cluster creataions and other Harry Winston jewelry. Sotheby's also has a curated selection of Harry Winston jewelry available for immediate purchase through our marketplace. You can also contact a Salon Associate in New York or Bucherer in Zurich to learn more about Harry Winston jewelry at Sotheby's. If you have Harry Winston jewelry to sell, you can contact a Jewelry Specialist to learn more about your selling options.

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