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The Most Expensive Hermes Bag Sales at Auction 2022

By Lindsey Weiss
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Most Expensive Hermès Bag Sales

Following a first half of the year that saw multiple records broken, Sotheby’s Handbags department has closed out 2022 with more top Hermès results than ever. Between auctions in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Geneva and London, bidding was fierce for the latest Hermès bags that were store-fresh or rare collectible. Hermès continues to dominate the market, with smaller Birkin and kelly bags commanding top dollar and lead our top five list. Another interesting result in the second half was better auction results for larger Birkin and Kelly bags. Bigger Birkin and Hermès Kelly bag models are poised to make a major comeback as fashion trends shift in the coming seasons. Below are the top five auction results from the second half of 2022.


Most Expensive Hermès Birkin (not Limited Edition)

Our Hong Kong Auction in July 2022 was very exciting. Sotheby’s Handbag Department offered more spectacular bags this season versus last year. The most expensive Birkin that isn't a limited edition or Himalayan Birkin was a 2021 Hermès Birkin 30 in Matte Beton Alligator with Gold Hardware, This Birkin sold for 756,000 HKD or $96,000, more than double the bag’s high estimate. Demand for matte exotic light colored neutral Birkin bags has been strong all year and this auction result topped prices on Buy Now which have been closer to $75,000 for non Himalayan Birkins.

Hermès Kelly 25

Record Breaking Himalayan Kelly

The Fall season kicked off with a bang when Sotheby’s Paris Handbags Auction set a new record for any bag sold at auction in Europe in September 2022. A stunning Hermès Himalayan Kelly 25 from 2022 achieved 352,800 Euro or nearly $360,000, over 3.5x its low estimate. This prices proved the market for Hermès Himalayan bags is still as strong as ever. The snowy white-to-gray gradation is meant to evoke the Himalayan Mountains, a fitting name for a bag that sits atop the highest peak in the world of Hermès bag collecting.

Hermès Mini Kelly 20

Record Breaking Hermès Mini Kelly

Autumn is a magical time in Hong Kong, especially for those attending Sotheby’s Handbags Auction that took place there in October 2022. Myriad rare and exciting Hermès bags dazzled the eye, but the most exciting result was that of a custom HSS Hermès Mini Kelly 20 done in matte Gris Perle and Kraft Alligator from 2021. This Hermès Mini Kelly sold for 1,512,000 HKD or over $190,000, more than three times its high estimate. This Hermès bag now holds the record for most expensive Hermès Kelly 20 ever sold at auction.

Hermès Birkin 25

First Hermès Birkin Sellier at Auction

In October 2022, Sotheby's offered the first exotic Birkin 25 Sellier at auction in Hong Kong. The Hermès Birkin 25 Sellier in Shiny Black Porosus Crocodile Palladium hardware from 2021 sold for 630,000 HKD or over $80,000. This was a strong price which set the stage for future crocodile sellier Birkin 25 bags to soar.

Hermès Faubourg Birkin 20 White

Most Expensive Birkin

The most expensive Birkin sold at auction in the second half of 2022 occurred in December. In Sotheby’s final Handbag Auction of the year a number of fabulous bags were sold, the most notable of which was a rare Neige Faubourg Birkin 20 from 2021. This version of the highly collectible Faubourg Birkin is the winter snow edition, featuring a matte Alligator body and banks of snow on the iconic Hermès Orange window awnings. This Birkin sold for $302,400, a significant premium above the first Birkin Faubourg bags. The Day (Blue) and Night (Brown) Birkin Faubourg styles have sold for under $200,000 at auction. The demand for this white baby Birkin remains high since its release in 2021 and will likely grow as pristine examples become scarce on the market.

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