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The Hermès Evelyne Bag: Casual Functional Crossbody

By Lindsey Weiss
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Hermès Evelyne

A Brief History of the Hermés Evelyne Bag

The Hermés Evelyne bag was created by the head of the Hermès riding department, Evelyne Bertrand, in 1978. Its inception was as a functional and convenient carryall to hold the tools of horse groomers. The defining perforated H logo was originally designed to face inward, towards the body, as a ventilation system to aerate the contents of the bag and keep brushes and sponges dry. The Hermès Evelyne was used exclusively by the riding department until the early 2000s when the bag was officially transferred to the leather goods department and began production for Hermès lovers to add to their collections. The Sotheby’s team would describe this bag as casual and durable. The Evelyne bag is one of Hermès’ most versatile handbags with a simple and understated design that keeps your hands free.

Hermès Evelyne Bag

Hermés Evelyne Sizes

The Hermés Evelyne sizes include : 16(TPM), 29(PM), 33(GM), and 40 (TGM). The most popular size is the Hermés Evelyne mini or Hermés Evelyne TPM. The Evelyne comes in staple colors such as black and etoupe. However, the Evelyne bag is known to be produced in almost every color Hermès has to offer!

Hermès Evelyne

Sometimes, you’ll find an Hermés Evelyne bag with contrasting stitching, some with dual colors, and a few that utilize more than one material. For example, a black Clemence leather combined with Ecru Toile or an Evelyne with Blue Saphir Clemence leather accents paired with a Crinoline body.

Hermès Evelyne bag

The Hermés Evelyne is made most commonly in Clemence and Epsom leathers. Clemence is one of Hermés’ most popular leathers; with a matte finish, flat-grained and resistant to scratches, soft and heavy. Epsom leather, an embossed-calfskin, though less soft and more light weight when compared to Clemence, is still highly durable and easily cared for. Additional leathers utilized for the production of the Evelyne bag include Maurice, a newer leather in the Hermès ecosystem, and Vache Hunter; a cowhide smooth and soft leather. The interior of every Evelyne bag is unlined and the removable strap is made of durable canvas with leather accents.

Hermès Evelyne bag

Three Generations of the Hermés Evelyne Bag

The Hermés Evelyne features a leather belt style closure, one main interior compartment, and a removable strap; but was produced in three generations with identifiable differences. The first generation (Evelyne I) has no external pocket and does not include an adjustable strap. The second generation (Evelyne II) was also produced with an non-adjustable strap, however, with the exception of the smallest size, did come with an exterior pocket. Finally, an adjustable canvas strap was introduced to the third generation (Evelyne III).

Hermès Evelyne Bag

A New Era for the Hermés Evelyne Bag

In Fall 2016 creative director, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, designed a fourth iteration of the bag: the Evelyne Sellier. This model's lack of exterior compartment is reminiscent of the Evelyne I. The key difference of this model features a non perforated, embossed, H logo encased in a diamond shape in place of the traditional perforated H design. Additionally, the traditional Sellier construction technique was implemented in which the edges are turned out for a structured finish. The Evelyne Sellier bag is offered in either Vache Hunter leather or Epsom and comes in two sizes: 29 (PM) and 33 (GM).

Hermès Evelyne Bag

Hermés Evelyne Bag Price

The Hermés Evelyne Bag price at an Hermés boutiuqe increased in 2023 to $2,050 from $1,900 for the TPM size and to $3,650 from $3,475 for the PM or 29 both in Clemence leather. A store fresh pristine Hermés Evelyne TPM in Clemence leather sells for between $3,300 to $4,000 on the secondary market. The Hermés Evelyne 29 in pristine condition sells for between $4,400-$4,900 on the secondary market. The Hermés Evelyne TPM is the most popular style and tends to sell very quickly due to strong demand for this classic mini Hermés bag.

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