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The Complete Guide to the Hermès Birkin Faubourg

By Lucy Bishop
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Hermès Birkin Minuit Midnight Faubourg
Hermès Minuit Midnight Faubourg Birkin

Hermès Historic Flagship Location

Hermès was started in 1837 by harness maker Thierry Hermès, but it wasn’t until his son, Charles-Émile Hermès’ time that the company took up residence at the now famous address. 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré has been Hermès’ flagship boutique ever since. Located in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré wasn’t incorporated into the city limits until 1860, having previously served for over a thousand years as a passage extending northwest from the Louvre out to the Forêt de Rouvray, which today still exists in part as the Bois de Boulogne. In 1880 Charles-Émile moved the Hermès workshops to number 24, and in 1889 opened a boutique at the same location. Originally rented, Charles-Émile’s son Émile-Maurice was later able to buy the property. In 1978 the neighboring building at No. 26 was purchased as well and the flagship location enlarged into it. By 1992 most of the workshops at this location had moved to the new state-of-the-art facilities in Pantin. In 2007 the boutique was again enlarged into No. 28, and to this day is the largest Hermès boutique in the world.

The Original Faubourg Birkins

In 2019 Hermès released the first Faubourg Birkins, capturing the architectural essence of the iconic Flagship. They were an instant hit with collectors and continue to be among the most sought-after handbags on the market today. The first two Faubourg Birkins produced featured Day and Night colorations. Matte Alligator flaps atop Madame calfskin bodies, decorated with Swift window frames, Epsom glass and a Sombrero leather base. The awnings on all Faubourg Birkins are done in the brand’s iconic color: Orange H Swift, which matches the little Hermès shopping bag that replaces the key-holding clochette. Topped with Palladium hardware, this was the first iteration of a 20cm Birkin to be produced, and in Sellier construction nonetheless.

Hermès Birkin Day Faubourg
Hermès Day Faubourg Birkin

Hermès Birkin Night Faubourg
Hermès Night Faubourg Birkin

The Newest Faubourg Birkins

In 2021 two new versions of the Faubourg Birkin were released: a Midnight or  Minuit edition done in almost all black, featuring PVD hardware reminiscent of that used in the So Black collection, and a snowy white version with a body of Matte Alligator and a flap in White Togo. The windows of the Neige Snow Faubourg are a frosty Blue Brume Chevre. Collecting all four of these adorable editions is referred to as a Place de Faubourg or Faubourg Square. In China the group is known as a Beijing Courtyard.

Hermès Birkin Neige Snow Faubourg
Hermès Neige Snow Faubourg Birkin
Hermès Birkin Minuit Midnight Faubourg
Hermès Minuit Midnight Faubourg Birkin

Most Expensive Birkin Bags

The Faubourg Birkin Bags are among the most expensive Birkin bags on the secondary market due to rarity and demand. While the Himalaya Birkin is more well known since it has been in production since 2008 and comes in multiple sizes, the Faubourg is increasingly becoming the must have bag for collectors. The Faubourg Birkin is also known as the "House Birkin" due to its unique storefront design. The Day, Night and Midnight Faubourg Birkins with matte aligator flaps retail for about $30,000 while the Snow Faubourg Birkin with Matte Alligator body is $48,000. In 2021, Sotheby's sold an Hermès Day Faubourg Birkin for $180,190 in Hong Kong and Night Faubourg Birkin for $167,000. The Snow Faubourg Birkin sold for nearly $400,000 in early 2022 via private sale. Prices appear to have come down slightly as more bags become available in the secondary market but the Snow Faubourg remains the most expensive.

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