Shop Sotheby’s Gallery Network Artworks by Price

Shop Sotheby’s Gallery Network Artworks by Price


S otheby's Gallery Network is an online, buy-now marketplace for contemporary art, where our trusted gallery partners facilitate immediate sales – and where buyers can enjoy greater price transparency. Here, we highlight select artworks from various price bands – browse below, and be sure to see the full catalogue of available works.

Whether you’re searching for an ethereal Kenneth Young, a print by Laurie Simmons or a bountiful Botero sculpture, browse the range of artworks and galleries in confidence with pricing fully disclosed. All artworks are offered exclusively on and backed by our standards of scholarship and authenticity. For a full listing of galleries included in the Network, click here, and check back in the coming weeks to discover new galleries and artworks as our network continues to grow.

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$30,000 & Under

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$500,000 & Under

$2,000,000 & Under

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