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Gift a Forever Classic Hermès Bag

By Lindsey Weiss
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Hermès Kelly Bag

What is a Forever Classic Hermès Bag?

One of the main factors that attracts people to Hermès bags is their timelessness. With design aspects stretching back over a hundred years, and a commitment to the highest quality of craft and materials, Hermès bags, the Birkin and Kelly in particular, have stood the test of time and proven their staying power. But not all Birkin and Kelly bags are forever classics. Many limited edition versions, or examples in rare seasonal colors speak to specific tastes, whereas classics are universally appreciated. When considering which Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag to gift your loved one, consider a forever classic option.

Classic Hermès Bags

A Forever Classic Birkin or Kelly Bag

Hermès’ century-plus long history is not one that exists entirely in the past. To this day Hermès continues to produce its classic designs, and their production increases year after year. Store-fresh examples of classic bags always command a premium on the secondary market, as the demand never ebbs. The classic colors Hermès always produces are Black and Gold, and either of these in any leather, with any hardware, is an instant classic. Gifting a Black or Gold Kelly or Birkin in a size your loved one doesn't have will ensure you are adding to their forever classic collection of Hermès bags. Most collectors often carry a black or gold Birkin or Kelly bag regularly, so a store fresh bag to replace a well loved bag is never a bad idea.

Hermès Birkin Bags Available For Purchase

Classic Vintage Hermès Bags

Vintage Classic Hermès Bag

Box leather is the iconic material most closely associated with classic vintage Hermès bags. Its smooth surface scratches easily but develops a unique patina over time making each vintage Hermès bag a one of one. Examples of vintage Box Birkin and Kelly bags in well-preserved condition are difficult to find, but exceptional to behold. While most Box leather bags are black, it is also possible to find Box Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags in other colors including red, green and blue variations. Other discontinued leathers can only be found on vintage bags, such as Ardennes which has not been replaced with any similarly grained leather since it was removed from production two decades ago. A Kelly bag in Ardennes is a special gift for the lover of rare vintage Hermès bags.

Vintage Hermès Kelly 28 Box Rouge Vif Gold Hardware, 1996

Hermès Kelly Bags Available For Purchase

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