Andrew D. Goldberg

  • SVP | Head of Collectible Cars
New York


Andrew D. Goldberg, SVP, is Head of Collectible Cars at Sotheby’s Financial Services. Andy leads a team of lending specialists dedicated to financing rare and collectible cars, allowing collectors to unlock untapped liquidity from their prized car collections. From $1M to $200M, Andy and his team can help you find creative solutions to meet your needs, including consignor advances, acquisition financing, and equity loans. A lifelong car enthusiast himself, Andy has a deep appreciation and understanding of cars, both as an asset class and as a passion focus.

Prior to joining Sotheby’s, Andy spent 21 years at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Private Bank, where he launched the firm’s Passions & Pursuits Advisory group, to advise clients on the financial aspects of their art, autos, yachts, wine, watches, and other passion assets, and to engage clients based on their personal interests. Prior to the Passions effort, Andy served as Global Head of Market and Investment Strategy for the Private Bank, working with the world’s largest and wealthiest families to achiever their goals.

Andy graduated from Bryant University in 2002 and currently lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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