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NICHOLAS LIEOU Creates a Capsule Collection for Sotheby’s Diamonds

Hong Kong
Ten Pieces of Irreverent Elegance Exuding the Fearless Approach of the Avant-garde Jeweller and The Impeccable Craftmanship of the World-Class Diamond Boutique

Jewellery prodigy Nicholas Lieou finds poetry in complementary opposites - minimalism and maximalism, strength and fragility, masculine and feminine, past influences and unequivocally modern designs.

The capsule collection he has created for Sotheby’s Diamonds - the retail boutique specialising in the world’s finest diamonds – is inspired by this “Yin and Yang”, perfectly balancing the powerful beauty of rare diamonds with pure yet resolutely original designs. Drawing on nature and organic forms, the ten pieces in Lieou’s collection range from minimalist designs to complex pieces, showcasing the masterful craftsmanship and impeccable design detail which are characteristic of Sotheby’s Diamonds. Uniquely blending Eastern and Western aesthetics, the collection also captures the jeweller's love for linear symmetry and Art Deco classicism.

I have been following Nicholas’ work for many years and I am delighted that we have finally found the time to work together. Nicholas approaches jewellery as an art form and has a unique vision - a constant and fearless desire to innovate, nurtured by a deep knowledge of the history of jewellery. He also has a great appreciation of craftsmanship and a deep understanding and respect for the materials he uses. This is the essence of Sotheby’s Diamonds and this collection is a fantastic interpretation of our aesthetic: timeless, original designs with a touch of irreverence which let the diamonds speak and enhance their natural beauty.
Patti Wong, Founder and Chairman of Sotheby’s Diamonds
For my collaboration with Sotheby's Diamonds, the beauty of nature became my inspiration - seed pods and flora came to mind as I wanted to encase and protect these beautifully rare stones. The modern designs allow these exceptional diamonds to remain the focal point of the jewel. The technical complexities of the collection are a testament to both the high level of craftsmanship at Sotheby's Diamonds and the brand's strong commitment to creating truly extraordinary pieces.
Nicholas Lieou

A dramatic fan of ebony eclipses a pair of round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 3.15 carats and 3.01 carats. Set in platinum.

An alluring 4.50-carat D colour, Internally Flawless rose-cut diamond flickers from a cocoon of reverse-set pavé diamonds. Set in platinum.

A cascade of pavé-set diamonds elegantly spills from a pair of D colour, Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamonds weighing 5.24 carats and 5.28 carats. Set in platinum.

A spectacular Fancy Deep Bluish-Green cushion-cut diamond weighing 4.40 carats glimmers from a cocoon of reverse-set pavé diamonds. Set in platinum.

A pair of D colour, Flawless round brilliant-cut diamonds glimmer from a cascading hammock of pavé-set diamonds weighing 6.69 carats and 6.61 carats. Set in platinum.

Nicholas Lieou, Photo Credit Erik Lee Snyder

Nicholas Lieou, by way of London and New York, has settled in Hong Kong. A graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, Nicholas Lieou started out as an apprentice for Shaun Leane, the avant-garde British jeweller. He thereafter lent his creative mind and vision to numerous luxury houses, including Louis Vuitton, Georg Jensen and Shanghai Tang before being appointed Director of Design for High Jewelry and Custom Design at Tiffany & Co. in 2015. In 2019, he launched his eponymous brand Mr Lieou.


A pioneering venture, Sotheby’s Diamonds brings together the most exceptional and desirable diamonds, cutting-edge design and superlative craftsmanship in a very modern, forward-looking House. Independent of Sotheby’s auction business, Sotheby’s Diamonds operates purely on a peer-to-peer basis, matching individual diamonds with individual collectors at the highest end outside of the auction arena. Sotheby’s Diamonds is marked out by its ability to link the entire chain of supply and creation – sourcing the finest diamonds and working ‘with the stones’ to produce settings for them that are not only of the highest craftsmanship, but that also, and very importantly, allow the stones to ‘speak’.

For this venture, Sotheby’s formed a partnership with Diacore, world-leading specialists in sourcing, cutting and polishing extraordinary diamonds. Renowned within the industry, their artisan cutters understand the centuries-old secrets held within a diamond and know just how to unleash the beauty, inner light, life and brilliance of each individual stone. Diacore is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the development of the communities in Bostwana and its Corporate Social Responsibility policy encompasses a number of initiatives, including the Gaborone Marathon.

One of the most respected and experienced jewellery specialists, Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Diamonds, draws on her skill and knowledge as well as instinct and intuition to then select the stones that are always the starting point for a Sotheby’s Diamond jewel. She is a true insider with an unerring eye and looks not only for superb quality, colour, clarity and excellent cut but also for charm and character, vitality, vivacity, fire, life and brilliance in each diamond.



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