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The Complete Guide to the Hermès Herbag

By Olivia Pennington
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Herbag Hermès

History of Hermès Herbag

The Hermès Herbag, also known as the "two-in-one bag" and has been around since the 1980s. The Hermès Herbag was discontinued in the mid-2000s and reintroduced in 2009 as the Herbag Zip. The new Herbag Zip added external pocket, a zip pocket, and an interior removable pouch. The Herbag and the Herbag Zip both have collapsible handles and a strap.

Hermès Herbag

The Hermès Herbag is one the Maison’s most accessible bags in terms of its price point and casual style, yet the Herbag maintains the classic elegance standard of any Hermès bag. In fact, the Hermès Herbag is frequently compared to the Kelly thanks to its sophisticated design. The body of the Herbag is constructed from Officier canvas while the top flap is Vache Hunter leather. Officier canvas is a cotton canvas woven from a thin thread and Hunter is a stiff, durable cowhide. The top flap of the Herbag features the clou de selle closure in palladium-plated hardware and a back pocket for necessities to which you need quick and easy access.

Herbag Hermes

Variations of the Hermès Herbag

The most exciting feature of the Hermès Herbag is that it is two bags in one! The top of the Hermès bag can be detached from the body, allowing for the wearer to mix and match Herbags. You can purchase individual canvas styles to pair with the leather structure of your original bag. In addition to solid color canvas options, there are also limited edition Herbags that feature fun designs like the Pegase Pop Herbag Zip and the H Vibration Herbag Zip. Herbag sizes that are currently available include Herbag Zip 31, Herbag Zip 39, Herbag Zip Cabine 50, and Herbag Zip 52. The smaller Hermès Herbag sizes are great daily bags, while the Cabine and Zip 52 are excellent travel bags. There is also a backpack version of the Herbag for those seeking an especially casual Hermès bag. With this extensive variety, the Hermès Herbag is truly a bag for everyone.

Hermès Herbag 31

Hermès Herbag Price

The Hermès Herbag price at an Hermès boutique is about $2,700 for the Hermès Herbag 31 and $2,900 for the Hermès Herbag 39. A store fresh pristine Hermès Herbag on the secondary market is about $1,000 more than retail or about $3,900-$4,100 for either the 31 or 39 sizes. This is a popular casual lightweight Hermès bag great for summer weekends and an excellent travel companion since the body of the bag is canvas.

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