Make Sponge Cake à la Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfort's Wild Raspberries is a highlight of the Prints & Multiples Online auction (17–28 April 2020, New York).

W ild Raspberries is the last, the largest – and most exuberant – of the six self-published books Andy Warhol issued during the 1950s. Written by interior decorator and socialite Suzie Frankfort, illustrated by Warhol and lettered by Warhol’s mother, Julia Warhola, Wild Raspberries is a playful recipe book that emulates the mass-produced French cookbooks of the 1950s.

Andy Warhol’s Fun-Filled Recipe Book and More from Prints & Multiples Online

Read a few of Frankfort's delightful recipes below.

ANDY WARHOL, WILD RASPBERRIES (FELDMAN & SCHELLMANN IV.126-143), 1959. Estimate $30,000–50,000


Contact Trader Vic's and order a 40 pound suckling pig to serve 15.

Have Hanley take the Carey Cadillac to the side entrance and receive the pig at exactly 6:45.

Rush home immediately and place on the open spit for 50 minutes.

Remove and garnish with fresh crabapples.

Torte à la Dobosch

Run down to Dick Camp's and buy an old wire wisk,

Beat 6 eggs and 1/2 cup sugar until thick and then add 1/2 cup flower sifted 7 tablespoons strong black coffee,

Add 5 egg whites stiffly beaten and bake in 12 spring form molds,

On the top layer spread an orange form molds.

An orange glaze and slices of fresh pineapple,

Decorate with a red sweetheart rose made from spun sugar and Dr. Martins dye,

Set the cake for at least 14 hrs,

Before serving and hang the wire wisk on the kitchen wall above the rotisserie.

A & P Surprise

Buy a 2-day-old sponge cake at the A & P and cut in three 3/4-inch layers,

Soak for exactly 36 hours in 1/2 cup rum, 2 1/2 tablespoons confectioners sugar and 1/2 cup water,

Spread on each layer sieved apricot jam and pastry cream,

Top with poached apricot halves and cherries,

Glaze with jelly and let set,

Dust with confectioners sugar and pistachio nuts and decorate with whipped cream piped around the edges.

Salade De Alf Landon

Coat a bombe with a very clear jelly and place in the bottom thin slices of spiny-lobster tail decorated with capers.

Fill the mold with green asparagus tips, hard boiled plovers’ egg and slicked cock’s kidneys mixed with bacon and dandelion dressing.

Chill thoroughly and turn out on a napkin.

Very popular as a first course at political dinners in the 30’s.

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