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Hermès Wallet Guide

By Max Brownawell
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Hermès Kelly Wallet

Hermès Wallet Guide

“The bag is both pocket and strongbox, yet neither of the two. It is not attached to the body or clothing like the former, nor rooted to the home like the latter.” at least according to Farid Chenoune in 2005’s Carried Away: All About Handbags, but I would posit that the wallet is the truer crossover of pocket and strongbox. A portfolio of personal particulars, the wallet holds value and potential, and is only revealed when something new is about to change hands, only flashed to those with whom we transact. As with all its other metiers, Hermès wallets are produced to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Some collectors go so far as to acquire a wallet to match each of their bags, but if you’re new to Hermès wallets, here is a handy break-down of the most popular styles:

Hermès Kelly Wallet

Hermès Kelly Wallets

Featuring the famous closure; two plaques that hook over a turn-lock spindle, the Hermès Kelly Wallet is a collector favorite. Produced in a number of sizes, the most common are the Kelly Long Wallet, the Kelly Depliant, and the Kelly Compact wallets. Recently, Hermès released a version with a detachable shoulder strap called the Kelly To Go, which has become the most sought-after.

Hermès Constance Wallet

Hermès Constance Wallet

Also recently re-designed with a removable shoulder strap, the Constance wallet is another that can be found in most Hermès collections. Featuring an H closure similar to that on its namesake bag, Constance wallets are sometimes preferred for their easier opening mechanism. Manufactured in the full size as well as smaller ‘Passant Short’ and ‘Slim’ sizes, the Constance To Go has supplanted them all as undoubtedly the most popular.

More Hermès Wallets

Hermès Wallets

The pantheon of Hermès wallets is seemingly endless. From the tab-closed Bearn, Jige and Dogon styles, to zip-around designs like the Azap or Silk’In wallets, an exhaustive list would be unwieldy to write and read. Wallets with straps were produced prior to the current run of Kelly and Constance To Go’s, including the Mini Convoyeur, the Mini Cinhetic and the Clic 16, and the popularity of these designs likely lead Hermès to re-invigorate their classic styles in a similar way.

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