Glenn Spiro on Acting on Impulse & Chasing down the World's Most Impressive Stones

Glenn Spiro on Acting on Impulse & Chasing down the World's Most Impressive Stones

Sotheby's: Do you remember the first piece of jewelry that ignited your passion?
Glenn Spiro: I do very well, whilst serving my apprenticeship many years ago a friend asked me for an engagement ring. I remember hunting down a wonderful old stone, designing a ring and seeing the big smile when the ring was given.

Can you tell us a bit about your route to where you are now, as an individual and as a brand?
In truth I am a bit of a maverick in my personal life which certainly is the same in our business. Also I always act on impulse and passion in my personal life which again is the same in our company. One day is just never the same as the last as one stone or one creation, otherwise life is just too boring.
What is the manifesto at the heart of your brand? Could you distill the identity of ‘Glenn Spiro’ in to three words?
Confidence, Passion and Chic.

Glenn Spiro, One diamond briolette ring weighing 9.12 carats, set in red gold.

You have talked about the importance of stones. Do they still have the power to excite you?
Less today, as your taste becomes more discerning of course, but when the fabulous gemstones crosses your path, the chase begins...
When you’re beginning a piece or collection, from where do you draw inspiration? You have talked about being influenced by nature in the past.
Truthfully, each piece is its own collection, so we just try to create many pieces to form a suitable new collection to present, sadly as one finishes many try to buy before we are ready to sell, not such a bad problem I guess.

Glenn Spiro, pair of Diamond chandelier earrings set in green titanium.

You’ve worked with some iconic names in fashion and music and beyond. Are there any career highlights or collaborations you’re particularly proud of?
There are of course many, however I think it is best to leave these as private memories.
What advice would you give to someone who was interested in beginning to invest in jewelry? Do you follow your heart or gut instinct?
I think it is fair to say that buying jewelry is similar to when one purchases art. Buy what excites you, buy what you immediately love, but more importantly; trust your taste and your own judgment. This is the only way to learn. Otherwise it becomes a business, and that is a route with a whole new set of rules.

Glenn Spiro, necklace and earrings set featuring 287 carats of Rubellites, mounted in pink titanium.

Is there anything else you collect alongside jewelry?
I like to collect many artifacts, including furniture, paintings, sculptures, cars and other Nick-Nacks. I collect many different materials of the Old World, which in return appear in my jewelry, so it is a win-win situation.

Is there a figure from history — or the present day — that inspires you the most, and why?
That’s a tough question! Many inspire me, but none of these have anything to do with the jewelry business.

Glenn Spiro, “Papillon” ring mounted in titanium, set with orange sapphires and diamonds.

Can you tell us about any exciting projects you are currently working on? What is next in the world of Glenn Spiro?
Actually our collaboration with Sotheby’s is our most current and exciting project. It is truly an great partnership with so many thrilling projects in the future.

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