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Chanel Wallet on Chain "WOC", A Must-Have For Collectors Since 1997

By Erica Kagan
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Chanal WOC

History of the Chanel Wallet on Chain

Launched in 1997, the Chanel Wallet on Chain, quickly became one of the most iconic Chanel bags ever crafted. Effortlessly stylish, simple and chic, the Chanel WOC is a miniature classic, perfectly suited for any woman on the go. With 6 card slots, multiple zipped pockets, and an open compartment in the middle, the Chanel Wallet on Chain is the most compact yet efficient bag of its kind. The most notably versatile feature of the Chanel WOC is the 24-inch chain strap, enhancing the bag’s wear for any occasion. As such, it can be worn over the shoulder, as a crossbody, or even as a clutch/wallet with the strap tucked in. Functional, fashionable and more affordable than other classic Chanel bags, the Chanel WOC is tremendously popular on the resale market.

Due to its high demand and desirability, the Chanel Wallet on Chain is offered nearly every season and in a range of styles. The most notable variations of the Chanel WOC include the Classic Flap, the Half Moon, the 2.55, the Boy, the Trendy CC, the seasonal Mademoiselle, and the Chanel 19 (the most recent iteration). Notably, in 2019, Chanel made a subtle improvement to the Wallet on Chain. By replacing the snap button closure with a magnetic one, the Chanel WOC became even more dependable and secure. Yet, some exceptions to this change still apply, particularly with the 2.55 and other seasonal WOC variations that sport the CC and Mademoiselle turn locks.

Chanel Wallet on Chain Price

Along with other other Classic Chanel styles the retail price of the Chanel Wallet on Chain has increased regularly since 2017. Classic Chanel Wallet on Chain is now $3,350, up 60% from $2,100 in 2017. The Chanel Wallet on Chain Boy is now $3,425, up 43% from $2,400 in 2017. Prices for the Chanel WOC on Secondary markets like Sotheby's range based on condition and style. A pristine Black Caviar Chanel Wallet on Chain sells for between $4,500-$5,000 due to strong demand and lack of availability in Chanel Boutiques. The Chanel WOC is a very popular style at Sotheby's and sells quickly. Sotheby’s offers some of the most sought-after Chanel WOC, as featured below.

Chanel WOC

Classic Chanel WOC

Strikingly similar to the Chanel Classic Flap, but at a much more attainable price point, the Classic Chanel WOC is a timeless staple. While caviar leather has historically been most popular, in recent years Chanel has begun to focus more on lambskin, as evidenced by those available for immediate purchase on Sotheby’s Buy Now.

Wallet on Chain Chanel

2.55 Reissue Chanel WOC

Created by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1955, the 2.55 Flap Bag signified fashion liberation. Radical and revelatory, the Chanel 2.55 was the first bag made for women to come with a shoulder strap, freeing them from the constraints of the impractical clutch. The 2.55 Flap would become the Chanel bag that changed it all, solidified in fashion history as a timeless icon. Considering its rich historical lineage, there is nothing more exciting for a Chanel vintage hunter to encounter than a 2.55 Reissue. These ‘reissue’ handbags were first launched in February 2005, as a reintroduction of the 2.55 Flap on its 50th anniversary. Recognized for its leather quilting, leather woven strap, back pocket, and Mademoiselle Lock, the Chanel Reissue 2.55 Chanel WOC is always in high demand.

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Black Quilted Patent Leather Gold Hardware, 2015-2016

Boy Chanel Wallet on Chain

Debuted in 2011 in Chanel’s Fall/Winter collection, the Chanel Boy Bag struck a chord among lovers of Chanel handbags and romantics alike, cementing a place as a mainstay in Chanel’s collection. With the Boy Bag, Chanel offers a more masculine edge, as inspired by Coco Chanel’s greatest love, Arthur “Boy” Capel. Characterized by its lego-brick lock and main body framed by straight edges, the Chanel Boy Bag is admired for its versatile silhouette and unique, unexpected variations each season. Among these exciting iterations is the Boy Chanel Wallet on Chain, which features the classic Chanel WOC features with distinct Chanel Boy Bag qualities.

Chanel WOC

Chanel 19 Wallet on Chain

Recognized for its trio of chains, metal handle and soft lines, the Chanel 19 is a modern tribute to the classic 2.55 bag. Unveiled in March 2019 for the Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the Chanel 19 would be solidified in history as the last major handbag designed by Karl Lagerfeld, before his fateful passing. The gold chain handle and exaggerated diamond quilting enhance the Chanel 19’s casual, chic style, and these features extend naturally to the petite and versatile Chanel 19 Wallet on Chain.

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