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Sotheby’s Financial Services is the only full-service art financing company in the world.

Established more than three decades ago and with more than $9 billion of loans originated to-date, Sotheby’s Financial Services offers straightforward, swift financing that focuses on your needs and your collection. Sotheby’s network of in-house specialists provides knowledgeable valuations of your works while our dedicated lending team develops financing terms suited to your requirements.

Bespoke and Confidential Terms

Our approach to underwriting focuses on the collections of our clients, which may include artwork, jewelry, watches, and other collectibles. Concentrating on the collateral, rather than our clients’ financial circumstances, allows us to conduct an agile and straightforward process with borrowers. All conversations and valuations are treated with complete discretion.

Unmatched Speed

Sotheby’s Financial Services provides short-term consignor advances against items for future auctions and private sales, as well as one-year term loans, renewable for an additional year, against the value of your collection. We aim to disburse funds within weeks of confirming business terms, and our experts are always available to assist you.

Discover how to unlock the value of your collection by contacting our Financial Services experts at or call us at: +1 (212) 894 1130 or +44 (0) 207 293 5797

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