The Creativity of Wassily Kandinsky in Three Key Masterworks

New York | 12 November

Discover the unique genius of Wassily Kandinsky through a rare offering of three major paintings in Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale. Lisa Dennison, Chairman of Sotheby’s Americas, highlights the distinctive qualities of each masterwork while drawing attention to the contextual influences surrounding their creation. The earliest piece, from Kandinsky's time spent in the Bavarian town of Murnau, uses staccato brushstrokes to free color from representation. Kandinsky moves toward abstraction with Zum Thema Jüngstes Gericht, giving way to a fluidity and spontaneity akin to watercolor. The final piece, Le Rond Rouge, utilizes a bright palette and a geometric composition that gives the work a strikingly modern appearance. These works and more comprise The Triumph of Color: Important Works from a Private European Collection, to be featured in Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale. (12 November | New York)

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