Inside Jerome & Ellen Stern's Art-Filled Apartment

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Jerome and Ellen Stern epitomized the phrase ‘to live with art.’ Compiled over 60 years from auctions, artists and galleries, the Stern’s collection reflects passion, curiosity, knowledge, a sense of humor and love of art and their residence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan reflected the full breadth of their collecting tastes. Click ahead for an inside look at this remarkable collection.

Impressionist & Modern Art Evening
14 November

Impressionist & Modern Art Day
15 November

Contemporary Art Evening
16 November

Contemporary Art Day
17 November

Important Design
13 December

Tiffany: Dreaming in Glass
13 December

Israeli & International Art
20 December

Modern and Contemporary African Art
March 2018, London

To Live with Art: The Collection of Jerome & Ellen Stern
March 2018, New York

Inside Jerome & Ellen Stern's Art-Filled Apartment