Les Lalanne de Dorothée Lalanne

Paris | 25 October - 5 November
Just as two great cultural institutions on either side of the Atlantic are celebrating Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, the Clark Museum in the United States and the Château de Versailles in France, Sotheby’s is honoured to announce a series of sales featuring works by this pair of sculptors, from the collection of their daughter Dorothée Lalanne. More than 200 pieces will be brought to auction in Paris over three sessions. One will be held on 5 November and two others will be open online from 25 October.

Sales Calendar

The eminent sculptors Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne created a prolific body of work, mingling poetry, dreams and humour. Both sculptors' fascinating work has always been exhibited jointly, and both often took the approach of giving their sculptures a function. The poetry of their work plays on words, shapes and materials. These auctions will represent various facets of their work: the sculptures of Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, the drawings and engravings of François-Xavier Lalanne, and the jewellery and accessories of Claude Lalanne.

Exhibition Times

28 October10am - 6pm
29 October10am - 6pm
30 October11am - 7pm
31 October2pm - 6pm
2 November10am - 6pm
3 November10am - 6pm


Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne

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