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T his is a rich text module, which shows text. This is not a new feature, but continues to be the best way to show text. We'll start the catalog text off with the auction info.

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David Webb
J.E. Caldwell
Estimate: 225,000 – 275,000 USD
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    Place 'spots' over an image that, when clicked, offer more detail (this is a good option for showing the fine features of a piece of jewelry, work of art, etc.)d

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Below, find the 'double mosaic' lot feature – one lot is small, the other large
From a Private Collection
Estimate: 6,000 – 10,000 CHF
important ruby ring
The cushion-shaped ruby weighing 11.01 carats, to a mount composed of overlapping stylised leaves, size 521/2, signed G. Lenfant, Paris.
Estimate: 1,050,000 – 1,330,000 CHF

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Here, we can have more rich text on the page, and insert some other fun things – videos, slideshows, photos, you name it.

Gradient Overlay ImageThis is a good way to break up section on a page, or introduce a single owner collection. The gradient can be removed, but I tend to like it. The image will always be full-screen horizontal, but the vertical size can be adjusted however we like. This text can move left, right and center, but it always positioned on the bottom of the image.

This is a Lot List

(this is a video – the size of the video player on the page can be changed, though the possibilites are not endless).

Single Mosaic List
Estimate upon request

Throughout the history of gemstone mining, only a small handful of mines have become synonymous with a specific kind of stone. The legendary diamond mines of the Golconda region, known for exceptionally pure white diamonds; the historic and short-lived Kashmir mines, famed for their velvety sapphires; the Mogok mines of Burma, renowned for pigeon-blood rubies; and the Muzo mines of Colombia, whose output became the gold-standard for emeralds. To that list, one can add the Argyle mine of Australia, source of some of the greatest pink and, on very rare occasions, red diamonds in the world. This one mine produces over 90% of the world’s supply of those gems, and it is set to close by 2020.

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