A Pristine Modern Cellar Part II
現代佳釀選粹窖藏 II
Online Auction: 22–30 November 2022 • 10:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong | 網上拍賣:2022年11月22–30日・上午 10:00 HKT・香港

A Pristine Modern Cellar Part II 22–30 November 2022 • 10:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong

S otheby’s Hong Kong is delighted to present our final wine auction of 2022, with the second part of a spectacular Single Owner collection: A Pristine Modern Cellar Part II. Consisting of more than 500 lots, following on from the 872-lot, “white glove” sale that took centre-stage during our Autumn season, this online-only Single Owner auction concludes our offering of this extraordinary collection.

With Part I having focused on our collectors’ enormous passion for the very highest echelons of Burgundy, A Pristine Modern Cellar Part II represents a more diverse and adventurous corner of their collection. We still find incredible depth of “The Classics”, including mature “Super Second” Bordeaux from the best vintages of the early 21st century, and further beautiful Burgundy from some of the region’s most up-and-coming producers, with Comte Armand, Marquis d’Angerville, Jean-Jacques Confuron and Frédéric Esmonin strongly represented, amongst many more. Away from these stalwart regions of the auction market, this auction offers parcel quantities of Vincent Dauvissat’s iconic Chablis Grand and Premier Crus, a carefully curated selection of mature Rhône superstars including Guigal and Clos des Papes, and finally a highlights reel of the best names from Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe, including Aldo Conterno, Cavallotto, Prunotto, Egon Müller and Vega Sicilia.

This cellar was amassed over 2 decades, the result of years of meticulous, focused buying and sourcing only from local official distributors. The owners of this collection are avid wine lovers, with a passion for the great outdoors. They recall the accessibility of purchasing and tasting case quantities of La Tâche back in the 2000s, and smile as they refer to “The Good Old Times”. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity in sharing these long-treasured bottles with wine lovers around the world.

A Pristine Modern Cellar Part II will open for online bidding on Tuesday 22nd November, with the lots closing online on Wednesday 30th November from 10:00AM HKT.


「現代佳釀選粹窖藏(第一部分)」主要呈獻藏家熱愛的布艮地頂級珍酩,今場第二部分則展示更有探索精神的一面,但仍不乏聞名遐邇的產區,包括波爾多「超二級」酒莊21世紀初最出色的年份,而且已臻成熟;還有近年炙手可熱的布艮地新星,如 Comte Armand、Marquis d’Angerville、Jean-Jacques Confuron 和 Frédéric Esmonin 。除了這些在拍賣會常見的產區和酒莊,這次還有數以箱計的 Vincent Dauvissat 經典夏布利特級園和一級園佳釀、隆河谷地區星級酒莊 Guigal 和 Clos des Papes 的成熟瑰釀,以及來自意大利、西班牙和歐洲各地名莊的香醇玉液,包括 Aldo Conterno、Cavallotto、Prunotto、Egon Müller 和 Vega Sicilia 等。

這個窖藏的主人熱衷大自然和戶外運動,他們基本上只從獲正式授權的當地經銷商購藏佳釀,耗逾二十年一點一滴匯聚成這個精彩卓絕的美酒珍藏。他們回想起在千禧年代,仍能數以箱計地購買和品試 La Tâche,不禁微笑著感歎那些年的美好時光。他們將一直珍而重之的佳釀慷慨釋出,讓全球熱愛洋酒的同好有機會共鑒品嚐,蘇富比與有榮焉。



Foreword by Serena Sutcliffe, MW

Honorary Chairman Sotheby’s Wines

If ever there were a pristine collection of wines, this is it – Pristine Perfection. If wines could sing, this would be a heavenly chorus. Those who will drink these wines will certainly break into song, such is their beauty, rarity and sheer come-hither quality. These are some of the most life-enhancing liquids ever made by man, or woman, and they will spread joy. The consignor is parting with a proportion of what he has, albeit with a regretful look back as he remembers all the wines he has shared with friends over many years.


Foreword by Jamie Ritchie

Worldwide Chairman Head of Sotheby's Wine & Spirits

The Pristine Modern Cellar comes from an avid wine lover and his wife who both had an early understanding and appreciation for the greatest Burgundy Domaines, as well a curiosity of fine wines from all over the globe. Foremost, they are wine drinkers who have been buying and drinking a broad range of wines over the last two decades. His success as a businessman and investor enabled them to pursue their passion for wine, at a time when demand for these wines was less global. As a result, they were able to build up this substantial collection, while enjoying many great bottles.


Provenance + Shipping來源及付運

The Wines

The Pristine Collector built this cellar for over 2 decades, a vast majority of the wines were purchased on release from official local distributors in the Southern Hemisphere. Wines are stored professionally since purchase. The wines were tasted with the collector and have aged gracefully, the exceptional provenance shows the wines are in optimal condition.

Inspection and Shipping

An international team of specialist spent 2 weeks packing the wines and shipped them to Crown Wine Cellars in Hong Kong under dedicated temperature controlled conditions. Once in Hong Kong the bottles are inspected by the Hong Kong Team.





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