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Limited Edition Hermès Kelly Bags for Every Occasion

By Olivia Pennington
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Hermès Kelly Picnic

The Hermès Kelly -- originally called the Sac à Dépchêches -- first gained popularity when actress turned princess Grace Kelly discovered the bag on the set of How to Catch a Thief. The princess of Monaco popularized the Hermès bag, and it received her name in 1977. Since the Kelly’s introduction, the handbag’s iconic design has been reimagined to match the needs of Hermès clients. Hermès’ designers have tailored the Kelly to the activities of Hermès clients so you can picnic, dinner, and golf in style. Read on to discover the rare Kelly handbags that are a testament to the ingenuity of Hermès artisans.

Hermès Mini Kelly Picnic 20 Vert Verone Osier Wicker and Swift Palladium Hardware, 2019
Hermès Mini Kelly Picnic 20 Vert Verone Osier Wicker and Swift Palladium Hardware, 2019

Kelly Picnic

The Hermès Kelly Picnic is an adorable collector’s item introduced in 2011. This 20 cm bag is made from delicate hand-woven Osier wicker, smooth leather accents, and palladium-plated hardware. Leather options for the Kelly Picnic include Swift and Barenia calfskin in a variety of colors. This Hermès bag’s bucolic design evokes a nostalgia for summer afternoons spent in the country with a couple jambon-beurre sandwiches and a special someone.

Hermès Kelly Plisse

Plissé Mini Kelly

The French word for “fold”, plissé refers to a lightweight fabric with a crinkled finish. Hermès first used plissé fabric in its silk scarves, which feature accordion-like pleats. Hermès transitioned the plissé finish onto a rare black satin Kelly handbag in the late 90s. The Plissé Mini Kelly handbag’s rich satin material is accented with suede leather and gold-plated hardware -- materials that dominated 90s fashion. This tiny 20 cm handbag is the perfect companion for a candle-lit dinner party with friends.

Hermes Kelly Golf

Golf Kelly

The Hermès Golf Kelly mimics the design of Scottish kiltie shoes traditionally worn during golf. The “kiltie” is a piece of leather that covers the bottom of the tongue of the shoe. The added material protects the shoes from mud, a prominent feature of Scotland’s terrain thanks to its rainy climate. The Golf Kelly references this history with an enlarged kiltie featured on its front body. Released in the Spring 2013 collection, the sporty handbag is constructed of Box leather in two shades of blue: Blue de Prusse and Bleu de Galice. This 28 cm handbag is the perfect handbag for golf enthusiasts.

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