Complete Guide To Cartier Love Rings

By Annabelle Pollack
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Cartier Love Ring Diamond

Brief History of the Cartier Love Ring

Nothing says timeless elegance more than the Cartier Love Ring. One of the most sought-after and recognizable symbols from the iconic heritage house. This unique piece was first created by Aldo Cipullo, an Italian-born American Jewelry designer, in 1969. The Love Collection was inspired by the medieval chastity belt, invented to protect a woman's “purity” in the 16th and 17th centuries. Brought into modern days, this ring is the ultimate symbol of love and fidelity. Known as a “Love Child of 70s New York”, Cartier recognizes the collection as a symbol of free-spirited love and true permanence. These ever-evolving Cartier Love rings are an exquisite symbol of eternal devotion.

A Cartier Love Ring For Everyone 

The Sotheby’s marketplace notes this unisex piece as one of the most sought-after because there is a variation for everyone. Whether you are starting your collection with a single metal, simple Cartier Love Ring or looking for a special diamond high jewelry piece like the Cartier Love Ring, Diamond Paved, Ceramic, you will find immense possibilities within the collection. All Cartier rings are made meticulously by skilled artisans who use high-quality precious metals like 18k Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum. All can be purchased with or without diamonds.

Cartier Love Ring

The Classic: Cartier Love Ring 

The simple, yet classic, variation is the Cartier Love Ring, offered in Rose Gold, Yellow Cold, and White Gold. This Cartier ring is exceptionally sleek and can be stacked easily with other rings or worn alone. Despite not being encrusted with diamonds, this piece stands out for its everyday wearability. This ring is a go-to for new collectors looking to enter the world of Cartier.

Cartier Love Ring

For The Newly Weds: The Cartier Love Ring Wedding Band

Any piece within the Cartier Love Collection is the perfect gift for anyone in love. The most special pieces for the newly engaged are rings from The Cartier Love Wedding Band collection. The wedding bands have additional diamonds in between the nailhead spaces. This added sparkle adds to the design and the significance of the ring. Cartier also makes a Love ring in full Diamond-Paved band. This band is extra special as the entirety of the band except for the Cartier nailhead is paved diamonds. This is the ultimate symbol of love and is perfect for any Bride or Groom.

Cartier Love Ring Diamond

For Extraordinary Collectors: Cartier Love Collection High Jewelry Diamond Ring

Within the world of high jewelry, Cartier made an exceptional addition to their untouchable high jewelry creations. The Cartier Love Rive Ceramic Pave White Gold Ring is embellished with 168 round brilliant cut diamonds. Each diamond is placed carefully, bringing illumination and brilliance to the wearer's finger. This Cartier Love ring has approximately 3.50 carats. All of the diamonds are centered around the signature Cartier nailhead motif. The luxurious ceramic ring is the ultimate collector's piece perfect for any cocktail or special occasion.

The Cartier Love Collection is a perfect harmony between love and luxury. Within the collection, there is a Cartier Love ring for anyone and any occasion. Whether you are interested in purchasing a ring for your significant other or adding to your collection, the Cartier Love Ring is an exceptional timeless piece.

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