Watch and Whisky Expert Christopher Beccan on Vintage Timepieces and Perfect Pairings

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Christopher Beccan is the founder and Editor in Chief of, a successful blog specialising in fine timepieces and whisky. A writer and photographer, widely known for his fondness of vintage watches and whisky, Christopher launched Bexsonn in 2013. The site features modern, vintage and forgotten timepieces and whiskies, providing readers with expert opinions on haute horologie and chosen spirits.

Click ahead to see Christopher’s highlights from Watches Online and read below our interview with him on his passion for watches.

How did you first become interested in watches and what started your own collection?

I’ve always been fascinated by watches, and from a very young age when my Mum and Dad used to take me and my brother to the market where we grew up. When we arrived, we always went to see what watches we could find for cheap – most of the time looking at old digital Casio and Timex models, as this was en vogue at the time. Then in my teens my Mum bought me a really cool Swatch, which I still have to this day – so I guess you could kind of call it vintage now. As I got older, I always said that one day I would get myself a proper watch, and when I realised you could pick up 1960s Omegas really cheap on eBay, I bought one. So the first proper watch that started my collection, so to speak, was a 1962 Omega Constellation – which sent me down the rabbit hole.

Christopher Beccan

What would be your choices for a great everyday watch, and for a special occasion?

A great everyday watch, in my humble opinion, has to be something reliable and functional, but also something that can deal with possible knocks and bumps. For me, that watch has to be a Rolex Datejust. For a special occasion, I’d say it has to be something on a leather strap that is elegant and doesn’t show off too much: a Lange 1 in white-gold with an Argenté dial.

What current trends are you seeing in the vintage timepiece marketplace?

Of course, vintage Rolex is doing very well but prices are getting higher and higher, and some collectors are now being priced out which has made them look at alternative brands such as Omega, Heuer and Tudor. Omega Speedmasters appear to be doing rather well too; very nice examples of these are selling for quite a sum too, but they’re still more accessible. I see a lot more people now turning towards late 80s and 90s Rolex, as examples from this era are much easier to source and tend to come with more provenance.

Do you enjoy discovering the provenance and back story of a vintage watch?

Yes, definitely. I think sometimes the back story behind the watch adds to the timepiece’s allure. And as we’ve seen in the past, the history of the watch can elevate it in more ways than one.

What would be your dream timepiece to add to your collection?

The watch I’d like to add to my small collection one day would have to be an early Rolex Daytona ref. 6239 Double Swiss underline. It’s iconic and just effortlessly cool, but also something you can pretty much wear every day.

You specialise in pairing watches with whisky. How do you come up with your pairings and what is one of your favourite match-ups?

I usually first take a look at the character of the watch and then match it to a whisky with similar character. One of my favourite pairings to date has to be Patek Philippe ref. 5970 and a 40-year-old Glenfiddich as both exuded sophistication and pointed towards maturity.

Watch and Whisky Expert Christopher Beccan on Vintage Timepieces and Perfect Pairings