The New Realm of Cai Xiaosong's Ink Painting

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Cai Xiaosong's ink painting work in contemporary circles has attracted much attention. From his focus on the subject of stones to large painting installations, he consistently produces a subtle contemporary language that emerges from the ink painting tradition. As his painting style evolves from the depiction of concrete rocks to abstract landscapes—from focusing on small patterns to big visions of the change—it also signals a transition of the microcosm to macrocosm that metaphorically parallels the longstanding tradition of scholar stone appreciation. From the Stone to his recent Song–Perception series, these new works highlight a change in the artist's individual artistic logic and foster a deeper understanding of the sublime. Click ahead to explore the philosophies behind the works as in Cai Xiaosong's own words. ––Huang Du

Event: Artist in Conversation with Independent Critic Huang Du

5PM | 5 May | Sotheby's Hong Kong

Perception: Cai Xiaosong

5-19 May | Hong Kong

The New Realm of Cai Xiaosong's Ink Painting