Starstruck: Patek Philippe’s Calibre 89

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Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe left nothing to chance: the firm planned its most extraordinary timepiece well in advance of 1989, the year of its 150th jubilee anniversary. With just four examples made, the Calibre 89 became the world’s most complex mechanical watch for more than a quarter century, and it remains unequalled in haute horlogerie to this day. Incorporating an enormous 33 complications with 24 hands among 1,728 components, this open-faced astronomical and astrological pocket watch is astoundingly elegant despite its imposing size and weight. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to secure this rarity for your own pocket.

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14 May | Geneva

Patek Philippe, The Calibre 89. Estimate $6,500,000–10,000,000. 

Starstruck: Patek Philippe’s Calibre 89