Anatomy of an Artwork: Salvador Dalí's 'L'Àngelus'

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Rendered in painstaking detail with a glowing palette, L'Àngelus belongs to a small number of related works, nearly all of which are held in museum collections. These oils—one of the most significant groups from Dalí’s association with the Surrealists—all relate to the artist’s obsession with Jean-François Millet’s L'Àngelus, one of the most well-known paintings of the nineteenth century. The present work also references other works within his own oeuvre. Unseen by the public until the twenty-first century this work has featured prominently in virtually every exhibition dedicated to Dalí since that time.

Salvador Dalí, L'Àngelus, circa 1934-35
Estimate $4,000,000–6,000,000

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Anatomy of an Artwork: Salvador Dalí's 'L'Àngelus'