Boundless Space: Community Events

Events: 2–7 October, 2021

B urning Man Project and Sotheby’s have teamed up to produce Boundless Space: The Possibilities of Burning Man, a charitable online auction offering a genre-defying selection of artwork, mutant vehicles, NFTs and experiences.

To coincide with the Boundless Space online auction, please join us October 2-7, 2021 at Sotheby’s NYC for an exhibition featuring awe-inspiring art by the participating artists.

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Gallery Talks Daily Schedule

In Person at Sotheby’s, New York
1334 York Ave, New York, NY 10021
Live streamed here.
Monday October 4 to Thursday October 7, 2021
12pm-5pm EDT daily

Monday to Thursday October 4 to 7, 2021, drop by Sotheby’s NYC in the afternoon or tune in via livestream for a lively series of talks by Boundless Space artists and instigators in the Burning Man community. These talks are part of a series of experiences in celebration of Boundless Space: The Possibilities of Burning Man — an exhibition and charitable auction co-produced by Burning Man Project and Sotheby’s.

Monday, October 4,

11:00am EDT
Synthesiac Residency Sound Healing

12pm EDT
When Burning Man and Commodification Meet: A Cultural Look at Collaborating with Sotheby's

Burning Man Co-founder Harley K. Dubois, Fab 5 Freddy and host Rosie von Lila

“Isn't Decommodification a principle of Burning Man?" How does a charitable art auction with Sotheby's align with Burning Man culture? This lively discussion includes a look at what Burning Man is in the world today, where it's come from, and what this collaboration with Sotheby's makes possible.

2pm EDT
How BIPOC Artists and Activists Helped Shape DEI Initiatives at Burning Man

Favianna Rodriguez and Erin Douglas with host Marlon Williams

In this panel we will share the creative strategies that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) burners, artists and activists used to build momentum for diversity, equity and true radical inclusion at the Burning Man event. Hear from artists about what it took to organize Burners from all walks of life towards a vision of a more racially diverse event.

3:30pm EDT
Ever Want to Run Away with the Circus?

Keith Nelson with host $teven Ra$pa

Join us for a conversation with Bindlestiff Family Cirkus co-founder, Keith Nelson, and a story about how they ended up at Burning Man and brought their circus on the road! Back in the dusty mid-90s, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus blew peoples minds in Black Rock City with their special brand of death-defying creative mayhem. Learn what they are up to now and how they continue to take the circus to the people!

6:30pm EDT
5 Rhythms Dance Class / On the Gallery Roof Terrace

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

11:11am EDT
Synthesiac Residency Sound Healing

12pm EDT
In Search of a New Activism for the Earth
Live streamed here.

A conversation with Reverend Billy about art and earth activism with special focus on Burning Man principles of Decommodification and Leaving No Trace. Hosted by artist $teven Ra$pa, Arts Advocate & Associate Director of Community Events for Burning Man Project.

2pm EDT
How Burning Man Influenced the Art World
Live streamed here.

Lindsey Nobel, Ralph Nauta and Henk Rogers with host Nicollette Ramirez

Visual Art, technology, spirituality, music. Burning Man has transformed the lives of many people throughout the world with its creative consciousness. Millions of people from all over the world until the pandemic joined in a weeklong celebration of art, creativity and life since the early 1990s in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The ethics of a Burning Man life, giving, leaving no footprint behind, kindness, generosity and creativity, are what Burners have brought to the art world.

3:30 PM EDT
Art Will Save Us All: The Power of Creativity from Black Rock City to Beirut and Beyond
Live streamed here.

Art has the power to connect, reflect, inspire and heal. How does the creative process inform our human experience, and how does art help us to see the world with new eyes? Join an all-female lineup of Boundless Space artists Aranka Israni (New York, NY), Quest Skinner (Washington, DC), Yasmine Dabbous (Beirut, Lebanon), and host Burning Man Project Senior Advisor Megan Miller for an exploration of Radical Self-Expression in the Burnerverse and beyond.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

10am - 9pm EDT
Water - Inside and Out

Artist John Bonafede will gift visitors portraits, done on location with the water of their choosing. Each option of water represents a different aspect, desire, possibility, or point of reference for the subject; and the piece will be completed within each subject in deeply personal ways known only to them. The artist will sit with those who participate in this work for approximately 25 minutes and gift portraits to them in a building that is an epicenter of commercial art marketing and sales. This performative gesture and shared experience speaks to Burning Man’s principles of Decommodification, Gifting, Radical Inclusion, Radical Self Expression, and Immediacy.

11:11am EDT
EDT Synthesiac Residency Sound Healing

12:00pm EDT
Dressing for Life!
Live streamed here.

A conversation about self expression and the joys of dressing for life, dressing others, and costuming for no reason at all. Join Costume Jim of Kostume Kult theme camp, designer and event organizer Nancy Marcus, and $teven Ra$pa in a conversation about what they love about expressive dress, the tyranny of aesthetics, and deeper meanings of Radical Self-expression. Dress fancifully or just come as you truly are!

1pm EDT
Cultivating Community and Counter (Club) Culture in the Age of Hypercapitalism
Live streamed here.
This 20-minute talk describes how and why we founded Deep Playa NYC, a community centered around the 10 principles, and the natural evolution of its mission taking on a subtle yet pronounced political statement on club and festival culture in and around NYC.

2pm EDT
Collisions of Art, Tech, and Immediate Experience: Robots, Orgasms, and NFTs
Live streamed here.
Join former Burning Man Head of Technology Heather "CameraGirl" Gallagher, Boston Dynamics' Artist in Residence Agnieszka Pilat, and TED speaker and artist Raghava KK to look at expression, intimacy, and relatedness as facilitated by digital technology. Additionally, we'll examine how Burning Man is navigating the emergent realm of NFTs.

3:30pm EDT
Creative Expression and Community Building: How Art Plays in Social Movements
Live streamed here.
Social movement — whether to demand something or stop something, redemptive or revolutionary, local or global — is about collective change, building a world that we see in our shared vision. How do creative expression and art inform social movement, on an individual or collective level? Join artists JR Russ (Nexus) and Chris Carnabuci, and host Molly Rose from Burners Without Borders, as we explore art and the impact of creative expression on community resilience and transformation.

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

12:00 PM EDT
Luminous Wonders: Art After Dark
Live streamed here.
Kate Raudenbush, Jen Lewin, Bentley Meeker, and host Bonin Bough

Light plays a key role in the art of Burning Man, both as an element of the experience of art after dark, and as the main medium in many iconic art pieces. Due to the 24/7 nature of the art experience, light and art are inextricably intertwined, and thus, Burning Man has had a singular impact on the way its artists both conceptualize light elements and on how they implement those elements. In this session, we will explore how leading artists and makers think about light and the role light plays in art on the playa, and more broadly in the art world in general.

1pm EDT
Building to Thrive Instead of Survive: A Conversation With Social Movement Builders on the Future of Activism
Live streamed here.
Joyous Pierce in conversation with New York based social activists Chivona Renee Newsome and Glenn Cantave. This panel discussion will explore the health and sustainability of social activism in the Black and Latinx community. With history as our roadmap we will discuss what it takes to build and sustain a healthy revolution in the midst of a global social and political health crisis.

2:00 PM EDT
Photography, Immediacy and the Mainstreaming of Burning Man
Peter Ruprecht, Matt Emmi, and Host Laurie Guzda
Live streamed here.
Photography is the medium through which most of the world meets Burning Man: its grand spectacles, incredible beauty, absurdity, and its humanity. This talk explores the myriad issues presented by photography on the playa – photography as fine art, how to ensure credit and compensation for artists, and how to protect the principle of Immediacy.

3:30PM EDT
Wide Awakes x Burning Man: Principles, Communities & Co-creating Change
Live streamed here.
Coby Kennedy, artist and activist
Amy Khoshbin, artist, activist, and educator
Moderated by Nicholas Byron Powers, Ph.D., author, journalist, and professor

How can artists spin a set of principles into real-world action and social change? Join us for a discussion of the ideas that guide Burning Man and The Wide Awakes, an international open-source network of artists aligned with social justice. Both intentional communities start with values that drive the creation of art projects and communal experiences which aspire to lasting personal and societal change.