Empowering artists and their galleries

A rtist’s Choice, a new charitably-oriented primary market auction, aligns interests with artists and their galleries by earmarking a fixed percentage of the hammer price to be donated to an institution, charity, or cause selected by the artist. Putting the agency back in the hands of artists and galleries, this initiative empowers artists to take a direct role in shaping their market while at the same time offering an innovative new framework for supporting causes that matter to them — from their participation in museum exhibitions or biennials, to artist residencies, charities and beyond.

How it Works

  • Donation: For Artist’s Choice lots, a total amount equal to 15% of the hammer price will be donated to an institution, charity, or cause of the artist’s choosing. Upon sale of the lot , the artist will direct a portion of their hammer price in an amount equal to 7.5%, to be donated to their selected beneficiary. Sotheby’s will match their donation out of its Buyer’s Premium. The full value of the donation — 15% of the hammer price — will be made directly to the selected beneficiary by the artist.
  • Beneficiary: After launching as a part of the Contemporary Curated sale in September 2022, this exciting new concept will be integrated into live and digital auctions year-round, providing numerous opportunities to support and grow artists’ markets while providing a critical path to support institutions, charities, and causes that matter to the artists. Appointed beneficiaries can include international institutions, charities, or causes.

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If you are interested in participating in a future edition of Artist’s Choice, please reach out to us at gds@sothebys.com.

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