Arario Museum

Seoul | South Korea

About the Museum

Simple with Soul is the value, concept, or philosophy of the museum that Arario founder, collector and artist CI KIM devised as the Arario Museum project. It literally means 'the simplicity of staying in the soul'.

Simplicity has become an important reference point for determining the way the museum operates, not just the design of the museum and the interior of the museum. From the beginning, CI KIM has been thinking about what kind of museum to build through simple basic questions such as 'What is a museum?' The answer is simple because the question is simple.

It was the art museum where the work became the main character and the visitor could breathe the work.
Eventually, visitors and works are the two most important elements of the Arario Museum. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of appreciating your work. So much attention has been paid to lighting choices.

In addition, in the interior, artistic elements that are decorative and eye-catching in addition to works are boldly removed. This is why the existing buildings such as the Spatial Headquarters (Seoul), Taedong Cinema & Bike Shop, and Dongmoon Motel I (Jeju Island) have been selected as museum spaces and converted into exhibition halls with minimal renovation.

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