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St Andrew, historiated initial on a leaf from a Missal, in Latin [Italy, Umbria, c.1320-30]

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  • ink and pigment on vellum
single leaf, c.355x245mm, vellum, with a historiated initial 'Q' and three-sided foliate border, 2 columns, 26 lines (c.230x75-20-75mm), the first leaf of the Sanctorale, with rubric and feast of the vigil of St Andrew, and St Saturninus (both 29 Nov.), somewhat water-stained and cockled, extremities of the border cropped at the left edge, the face of St Andrew abraded

Catalogue Note

Provenance: (1) From a volume reportedly sold in 1871 from the collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein, presumably on the death of Prince Karl Johann (1803–71) (see Les Enluminures, Catalogue 1, 1992, no.3; B.E.L. Catalogue, 1996, no.5).  (2) J. Günther, Catalogue 6, 2002, no.17d (col.ill.). (3) Priv. coll., UK.

There are single leaves from at least three different Umbrian Missals (with different dimensions) which have been confused with each other in the published literature. One was owned by Otto F. Ege (de Ricci, Census, II, 1937, p.1947, no.64; S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts, 2013, Handlist no.122) and was dismembered by 1941, perhaps by Duschnes, who offered single leaves (dated ‘1353’) as early as his Catalogue 48 (1941), no.39. Other leaves are said to come from Assisi, Biblioteca del Sacro Convento, MS. 267. The present leaf is very similar in style to the latter, which can be dated 1317–34.

Leaves from the same manuscript as the present leaf, with historiated initials, include: Sts Simon & Jude (28 Oct.) (Zeileis collection, sold by Koller, 18 Sept. 2015, lot 112, col.ills.); Sts Lucy and Nicholas, St Luke, Christ Resurrected (J. Günther, Catalogue 6, 2002, nos.17a–c respectively); St. John the Evangelist (sold in our rooms, 22 June 1993, lot 55, ill.; B.E.L. catalogue, 1996, no.5, col.ill.); St Helena and the True Cross (Les Enluminures, Catalogue 1, 1992, no.3, col.ills.).