The Soundtrack of the Swinging 60s

By Irene Gonzalez

L ondon has always been known for being at the frontline of creativity and innovation, and the pinnacle was no doubt during the Swinging 60s. It was a cultural youth-driven revolution that emphasised modernity and fun-loving hedonism with London as its epicentre.

Some of the most iconic representatives of this era were The Beatles. Not only were they creating the soundtrack to the fast-paced capital alongside bands like The Rolling Stones, but they were international style and cultural icons. The Beatles embodied all the changes the baby-boomer generation were fighting for. Sotheby's upcoming sale, Made in Britain, in London on 18 September will feature a selection of photographs of The Beatles taken in the 1960s.

Chris Smith, ALI and THE BEATLES , 1964. Estimate £10,000–15,000.

Being constantly under the spotlight, The Beatles gained the attention of many renowned photographers who shot some of their most iconic images. In 1964, British sport photographer Chris Smith captured five of the most famous people in the world.

Ali and The Beatles was taken at the 5th Street Gym, Miami, when The Beatles called in to see Muhammad Ali, who at that time was still Cassius Clay. Ali was preparing for his big fight with heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. This beautiful mural-sizes silver print represents a key moment not only for the music industry but for the history of sports

Michael Cooper, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967, £700–1,000.

Three years later in 1967 The Beatles’ album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, came to life. The cover artwork was shot by British photographer Michael Cooper, best known for his intimate photographs of the decade's leading rock musicians. Featured in the MIB Online sale this November, this beautiful silver gelatin print is an outtake of the session, where Cooper captured McCartney and Harrison alongside the photographer's son. In the background we can see some of the cultural icons the band chose to include in the collage such as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and Fred Astaire

Linda McCartney, JOHN LENNON, LONDON, 1969 . Estimate £7,000–10,000.

Finally, we find some of most intimate works featuring the band which were taken by Linda McCartney. She had access to the private lives of each of them while on tour and had undoubtedly a great eye for composition. This particular photograph, John Lennon, London, 1969, is a stunning mural-sized print in vibrant colours, from a limited edition of three.

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