The Four Most Expensive Cartier Earrings

By Catherine Kim
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Most Expensive Cartier Earrings

Brief Background Cartier

Cartier is a French luxury jewelry company founded in 1847 and opened its first boutique in 1859. In 1993, Cartier was merged with other brands, creating the Vendome Luxury Group. The Vendome Luxuruy Group became Richemont now owns 19 luxury brands including Van Cleef and Buccellati. Cartier is one of the most popular luxury jewelry designer brands with over 5M google searches per month. In 2023, Sotheby's sold nearly $30 million in Cartier jewelry with prices ranging from over $2.8 million to $5,000. "Signed jewels by the legendary maisons (including Cartier) continued to dazzle, as connoisseurs hunted particularly for iconic, vintage jewels that represented the best the great houses had to offer." Quig Bruning, SVP Head of Jewelry, Americas & EMEA.

Below we take a closer look at four of the most expensive pair of Cartier earrings sold in 2023 at Sotheby's.

Most Expensive Cartier Earrings of 2023

1. Cartier Earrings $287,000

The most expensive Cartier earrings sold for $287,000 in 2023 at Sotheby's. The Cartier earrings feature natural pearls and diamonds in a drop pendent style. The Cartier earrings are from 1950s and later. Each detachable pendant set with a drop-shaped natural pearl measuring approximately 12.85 - 12.95 x 16.20mm and 12.50 - 12.60 x 15.60mm respectively, capped with brilliant-cut diamonds, the surmounts set with baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds. The pearls are natural saltwater and are slightly grey body color, partially with rosé overtones, nicely matches for shape, size and color. Diamonds estimated to weigh a total of approximately 5.00 - 7.50 carats, on average J-K colour, VS clarity, as gauged and graded in the mount.

Cartier Earrings

2. Cartier Earrings $272,400

The second most expensive pair of Cartier earrings sold for $272,400 in 2023 at Sotheby's. The Cartier earrings are gem set with diamonds ‘Tarquin’. The Cartier earrings are designed as a stylized panther pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds, with buff-top onyx spots and a pear-shaped emerald eye, supporting a fringe decorated with drop-shaped rubellite beads. During its long history, Cartier has offered the world an entire menagerie of highly refined, gem-set animals, from snakes to crocodiles, parrots and flamingoes to ladybugs. No creature, however, is more inextricably linked to the legendary French Maison than the panther and its majestic feline cousin the tiger. Rubellites weighing a total of 31.46 carats, purplish pink of medium strong saturation, slightly to moderately included, fine transparency. Emeralds slightly yellowish green of medium saturation, with typical inclusions. Diamonds estimated to weigh a total of approximately 4.50 - 4.50 carats, on average G-H colour, VS clarity.

Cartier Diamond Earrings

3. Cartier Earrings $258,000

The third most expensive pair of Cartier earrings sold for $258,000 in 2023 by Sotheby's. The Cartier earrings feature brilliant-cut, pear- and cushion-shaped diamonds supporting a pear-shaped diamond weighing 4.77 and 4.53 carats respectively. The diamonds are F and E Colour, VVS1 and VVS2 Clarity.

Cartier Diamond Earrings

4. Cartier Earrings $186,000

The fourth most expensive pair of Cartier earrings sold for $186,000 in 2023 at Sotheby's. The Cartier earrings feature Padparadscha sapphires and diamonds and the design is called "Samba". The spiral top and articulated pendants that display lively movement, may bring to mind the energetic Brazilian dance known as the Samba. Each set with an oval Padparadscha sapphire weighing 2.32 and 2.17 carats respectively. The Cartier earrings also feature pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds, supporting a detachable pendant collet-set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The sapphires are of Madagascar and Ceylon origin respectively, with no indications of heating. The diamonds are a total of 8.46 carats and on average G-H colour, VVS-VS clarity.

More Cartier Earrings

While all of these incredible Cartier earrings are no longer available Sotheby's has Cartier earrings available at auction and buy now marketplace. Sotheby's Specialists are always sourcing and consigning additional Cartier earrings so make sure to check back for additional styles. You can also contact a Jewelry Specialist if you would like to sell Cartier earrings in our next auction or buy now marketplace.

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